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Understand Your Risks & Prepare Your Schools to Respond with Confidence

Provide your schools with comprehensive risk assessment, safety preparedness, and critical incident response solutions.
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Mass violence is on the rise and affects places like never before. In order to keep your people safe, you need to understand the risks relative to your schools, employ systems to streamline facility safety and emergency planning, and provide comprehensive response training to ensure your plans are effective. So, how can you operationalize school safety in a way that builds confidence and maintains a welcoming community?

Empower Your Schools with Safety Management & Preparedness Solutions

Assess risk, keep your facilities safe, build and manage your emergency plans, and train your staff and students to respond with confidence during a critical incident. Our Safety Management and Preparedness solutions provide you with options:

  • Comprehensive risk assessments conducted by our team of certified professionals
  • Smart visitor management technology provides a fast, frictionless and flexible check-in process
  • Cloud-based emergency management software to streamline emergency planning and help first responders
  • Proven age- and ability-appropriate active threat response training

[eBook] Violence Can Happen Anywhere, at Any Time

Download our new eBook to discover the value of ALICE Training® as a life skill for staff and students. In this book you will learn:

  • Why violent incidents are taking place in today’s society, including public spaces
  • What you can do to empower your students and staff to survive violence, such as an active shooter incident
  • The value in providing such lifesaving training, including increased student and staff morale

Your Full Collection of School Safety Management & Preparedness Solutions

Comprehensive risk assessment, smart facility safety, streamlined emergency operations, and proven preparedness and response training. Select a solution to learn more.

Understand Your Risk & Know Where Your Facilities Are Most Vulnerable

Our risk assessment services are conducted by our team of ASIS certified physical security professionals. These assessments provide you with the critical insights needed to reduce risk and protect your staff and students. We also offer security audits as a more economic option.

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Protect Your Schools While Maintaining a Welcoming Environment

Give your front office employees everything they need to keep your students and staff safe in seconds. Our smart visitor management system welcomes those who belong and effectively vets those who don’t.

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Maximize Emergency Preparedness & Build Confidence in School Safety

Navigate360’s Emergency Management Suite enables you to centralize emergency operations, streamline planning, and document drills to meet compliance requirements. This cloud-based system is accessible via mobile or desktop.

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Improve Public Safety Response with Site Mapping

Navigate360 Site Mapping is an onsite service that provides you and first responders with a detailed facility map, including 360° views of each room that are easily accessible and editable in your Emergency Management Suite.

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Empower Staff & Students with Age- & Ability-Appropriate Response Options

ALICE Training® is the original options-based active shooter response training. Our program provides age- and ability-appropriate training to staff and students, empowering them to actively participate in their own survival.

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Prepare with the Highest Standard in Safety Management & Preparedness Solutions for Schools

Learn more about our Safety Management & Preparedness solutions and how you can use them to keep your schools safe and welcoming.

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