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Create Positive School Communities for Staff, Students & Caregivers

Equip your school community members with the skills and tools they need to be happy, healthy and successful.
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Mental health challenges are affecting millions of students in our schools. The pressure falls on your school community, which often lacks the resources, training and time to navigate the complexities of mental, social and emotional safety. How can you ensure students and staff are receiving the support they need to focus and thrive?

See How Dr. Scott Poland is Working with Us to Address the Mental Health Crisis in Schools

Improve Mental Health & Wellness for Your School Community

Your school community needs comprehensive mental health, prevention and wellness solutions to build essential social and emotional skills, recognize symptoms of mental health conditions, reduce stigma and prevent harm to self or others. Our robust Mental Health & Wellness solutions provide you with options, including:

  • Comprehensive social-emotional learning and restorative justice curriculum for students, staff and parents
  • Education and tools to improve mental health awareness, intervention and harm prevention
  • Wellness courses to create and support positive school climates
  • Suicide awareness and assessment capabilities to provide support for those in crisis
Complete Guide to Social-Emotional Learning (Cover)

Your Complete Guide to Social-Emotional Learning

Understand the benefits of social-emotional learning (SEL) for your students and school culture with this valuable guide.

  • Explore the economic benefits of SEL
  • Learn why your SEL program should align with the 5 CASEL competencies
  • Discover critical factors to support a successful program

Comprehensive Mental Health & Social-Emotional Learning Solutions for Schools

Solutions to help you build, maintain and promote positive mental health for staff and students, turn caregivers into your greatest allies, and ensure your school community has support when they need it most.

Improve Student Behavior, Create A Positive School Climate and Gain Support from Parents

Our social-emotional learning curriculum provides you with education and resources for students, staff and parents to ensure your community has the skills they need to be happy, healthy and successful. Learn more about our SEL solutions:

Turn Infractions into Life Lessons & Facilitate Positive Mental Health in Your Schools

Our suite of comprehensive mental health and wellness solutions provides tools and education to build empathy, foster positive mental health, and ensure support for individuals in need. Learn more about our solutions for school mental health and restorative practices:

Improve Wellness & Awareness in Your Schools

Our School Safety and Wellness Suite empowers you and your school community with proven strategies, scalable training, and expert tools to reduce risks and create safe learning environments for staff and students.Discover More about our School Safety & Wellness Suite

Keep Your School Community Socially & Emotionally Safe

Learn how our comprehensive solutions create positive learning environments for your staff and students.

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