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Este curso presenta los conceptos y estrategias de ALICE para el profesorado y el personal de la escuela. Los alumnos deberán aprobar el curso para recibir su Certificación Básica ALICE.

Navigate360 Product Demo Videos

This course will provide the learner with product demo videos for EMS, Visitor Management, P3, Social Sentinel, ALICE & Safety and Wellness suites, Evolution labs

ALICE Basic Demo

This course shows some of the interactions and functions of the ALICE Basic course.  This will allow new customers to see and hear the information that the organization will partake in during their learning.

The Basics of Bullying

This segment introduces the four types of bullying: Physical, Relational, Verbal, and Cyberbullying and will go into detail about bullying versus conflict. Learners will be introduced to victim’s responses to being bullied – internalizing pain or externalizing pain....

Understanding Drug Use and Addiction

Understanding Drug Use and Addiction defines drug addiction and opioids, explains why opioid addiction is considered an epidemic, and explains what is currently being done nationally about the opioid epidemic. Learners will hear from our course narrator, Rick, and his...

Contributing Factors to addiction K12

Contributing Factors to Addiction, learners will be introduced to biological and environmental factors that can increase a person’s risk of addiction. They will learn about dopamine and how it affects the brain and will be given action steps to find out what they can...

The Truth about Suicide

  The Truth About Suicide defines suicide, defines important key terms revolving around suicide awareness, and gives stats and data surrounding suicide. Learners will hear from our course narrator, Adam, and his story about his friend Owen. Learners will also hear...