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Social Sentinel Joins Navigate360

Harnessing the Power of Language to Maximize Safety

Please join us in welcoming Social Sentinel to the Navigate360 team. As part of our ongoing initiative to enhance threat detection and prevention solutions for our customers, we are bringing Social Sentinel and the company’s premier linguistics technology on board.

Social Sentinel is the leading linguistics and AI-based software solution designed to recognize signals of potential harm found in such digital conversations as organization-owned emails and public social media posts. The platform scans selected digital content and identifies language that may indicate the research, planning and implementation of an act of violence or harm, as well as potentially dire mental health issues.

This powerful technology alerts leaders if a community member is showing signs of crisis so they can intervene before an incident occurs, all the while respecting Constitutional rights to privacy, freedom of speech and the right to assemble.

The system will complement Navigate360’s current anonymous tip line for schools, anonymous tip reporting and management software, and behavioral threat assessment solutions, as well as its eLearning materials that cater to the spectrum of safety — from prevention to recovery.

Clarifying Communications

Nearly 85% of teenagers have access to cell phones or tablets that enable them to communicate in a complex world that adults sometimes cannot understand. Technology like Social Sentinel can “decode” these complicated communications and let parents and teachers know if a child needs immediate help for a social or emotional problem – before it escalates into violence.

“All too often, in the days before a tragedy, there were warning signs that went unnoticed by those capable of intervening,” said Navigate360 JP Guilbault. “We cannot simply put the burden on teachers and administrators to identify what they cannot see. We must use advanced tools and technology like Social Sentinel to help leaders identify and respond appropriately to these warning signs to keep our communities safe.”

Added Social Sentinel’s founder, Dr. Gary Margolis, “We could not be more excited to join the Navigate360 team. In coming together, we’ll be able to further expand upon our shared commitment to creating safer communities and protecting our children. Within Navigate360’s values-driven approach, I’m thrilled that Social Sentinel will continue to grow and create safe spaces for individuals to learn, work and gather.”

By incorporating Social Sentinel under the Navigate360 umbrella, leaders in the education and business spheres now benefit from another powerful tool designed to help keep their students and employees safe.

Learn more about this powerful threat detection technology – see how it works.

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