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A Roadmap to Reunification: A Virtual Toolkit

Reunification is the process of bringing together displaced students with their parents or guardians. While it’s most often associated with active shooter scenarios, reunification is a critical protocol for any situation where a school building is rendered unsafe. A well-orchestrated and rehearsed reunification plan is crucial for natural disasters, fire, chemical hazards, and violent acts of any type. And the benefits of that plan go far beyond pairing students with caregivers in a moment of need. There is psychological evidence that a smooth reunification process can make students less likely to experience emotional issues following a traumatic event.

Developing and implementing a process for reunification can be a daunting effort. And it’s important to remember that reunification software, like the Reunification module within NaviGate Prepared, is a tool to facilitate the process. It is not the plan.

That’s why we’ve built this toolkit -to guide you through a three-phase, iterative approach to reunification planning. We’ve assembled a number of resources, guidelines, and tools that can help you throughout the process of developing a plan tailored to your unique school, staff, and students.

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