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Rick Shaffer Won’t Settle On Compliant

It’s Serious Work

Rick Shaffer takes great pride in his home town and his school community. He is fully committed to leaving it in a better way than he found it. We’re pretty sure, Rick will accomplish his goals, and then some.

In the state of Ohio, school safety regulations and compliance are more stringent than most states. Nevertheless, Rick’s proactive approach takes him and Mount Vernon City Schools beyond compliance ensuring staff and students are prepared.

Empowering Action, Improving Preparedness

What is the ratio of staff to administrators in your building? 100 to 1? 50 to 1? Suffice it to say, the ratio is big enough that staff are far more likely to encounter an emergency than an administrator. Why then, aren’t we training staff to initiate a drill or pull a fire alarm? Learn how Rick is using the audio and text scenarios to empower staff to initiate a drill.

Giving staff the opportunity to drill a scenario puts their actions into context. Chances are it will not go smoothly at first (it certainly didn’t for Rick’s staff!), but with a bit of practice comes the confidence and experience to effectively respond when an emergency does occur.

Sleep a Little Easier

Stepping up his game in Mount Vernon means, in the years to come, Rick will rest easier when his grandson enters kindergarten. Be sure to read Rick’s article and take away something you can use in your district. No doubt it will make Rick a happy man to know he’s helped someone else sleep a little easier, too.

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