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Active Threat Response – Omnilert Partners

We are proud to announce we’ve joined forces with Omnilert to provide organizations across the nation with the most comprehensive technology and training to prevent gun violence and casualties.

The Reality of Gun Violence

According to a recent poll we conducted with John Zogby Strategies, 52% of parents feel their child’s school is more dangerous and 41% feel their workplace is less safe than it was six months ago. In addition, 55% say they would not know what to do should an emergency occur in school or at work, while 54% said their office had no plan in place to deal with an emergency. One in seven Americans say they do not feel safe at work, and 57% of teens are worried a shooting could happen at their school.

Shootings remain top of mind in the United States. Look no further than the recent Thanksgiving weekend, when more than 42 individuals were shot in Chicago alone. Recent months also have seen the anniversaries of the Las Vegas shooting and Sutherland Springs church shooting in Texas, and Dec. 14 marks the eight-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Now more than ever, organizations need to be prepared to protect all of their constituents.

Making Gun Violence Preparedness Manageable

Omnilert recently extended its emergency mass-notification platform to include active prevention with the release of an AI-powered, visual gun-detection solution. Gun Detect enables organizations to receive advance warning before shots are even fired by immediately triggering multi-channel alerts and automated pre-defined safety protocols.

The mass-notification integration reduces time from first sighting to alerting to a handful of seconds. Navigate360 will augment this preparedness technology with its ALICE Training, the first civilian active shooter preparedness training program to focus on proactive response.

“We are excited to partner with Navigate360 and to align our passion for saving lives,” said Ara Bagdasarian, co-founder of Omnilert. “It’s a perfect match because both organizations share a relentless pursuit of innovation and a calling to create a safe community.”

Added Navigate360 CEO JP Guilbault, “The partnership between Navigate360 and Omnilert brings us one step closer to changing the future of public safety by providing organizations with the tools and knowledge they need to proactively respond to gun violence.”

For more information on effective threat response programs, download this valuable guide.

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