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Safe and Sound Schools’ Quest to Prevent Tragedy

Safe and Sound Schools: A Sandy Hook Initiative is a non-profit organization founded by parents, Michele Gay, Executive Director and Co-Founder, and Alissa Parker, Co-Founder, who lost children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. The organization aims to empower local communities and districts to improve school safety and security through meaningful discussions, collaboration, planning, and sharing of tools and resources. Their quest is to search for tools, techniques and technologies that will prevent the same type of event from ever recurring.

Alyssa Parker - TXD Edu NJ

Since its founding, the organization has grown to a national network of school communities and safety experts and professionals. Michele and Alissa spread their message across the world providing school communities with resources and tools needed to maintain a safe and secure environment for our children to learn. Their website provides free valuable school safety resources to help facilitate conversations, problem solving and partnerships in school communities.

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