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Implementing Florida’s New Threat Management Model

Common Struggles and How Navigate360 Can Help

Now that we’re nearly two weeks into the new year, many of us have better insight into Florida’s new Threat Management model, which went into effect on January 1. When it was revealed last summer, many began to envision the impacts of this model. Now that it’s been put into practice, you are better able to identify what will work well and what may need some adjustment.

Implementing New Threat Management Systems

The legislation, documentation, and training enabled you to draw up a plan for implementation in your district, and now, a month into the process, you can see which concepts have worked well and which ones have not. You are also likely fielding numerous “what if” scenarios from your campus teams and other staff members as they work through case procedures in various workflows. You might also be grappling with how the new Threat Management model merges with existing district processes and programs, including other student support or mental health interventions.

These challenges and pain points are typical of any large-scale role out of a new program or process. Therefore, it is important to take this time to continuously review case and team data coming in as well as feedback from campus teams and staff to continue to refine the actual implementation of this model. This will ensure that you continue to move the needle on implementing the new Threat Management model with fidelity, ensuring its long-term success in reducing violence in schools and supporting students who may need some degree of intervention.

Navigate360 is Here to Support You at Every Step

We continue to support the journey of our partner districts in implementing this new model.

As a reminder, our Case Management system allows for the following to be achieved easily:

  • Designation of chair and vice chair roles
  • Timeline triggers built in
  • Interview template customization
  • User tagging to track which team members participate in which key decision points
  • Guest teams/members
  • Team meeting logs that track which cases were discussed and updated
  • Automated case transfer between buildings as students move locations
  • Robust data gathering and monitoring plan tools

In addition, if you find yourself needing to make changes or additions to the workflow and content in our Case Manager system, our platform is completely modular and customizable. This critical feature will allow you to make any changes you need to the workflow to fit your district needs on your own. In most cases with software, a vendor would need to have their developers make changes to the “hard coded” features of that system. This is not the case in the platform for the Florida Threat Management model. It is completely modular and customizable for District admin users. Admins can add new sections to tie in an ancillary program in your district or add additional fields to capture data that your district team may want to review regularly. And again, this can all be done in seconds with a few clicks.

If your district is not a current partner and is struggling with implementing such a detailed and complex model, we are here to support you in this journey, as well.

We are available to provide a demonstration of the Florida Threat Management model in our Case Manager platform and highlight some of the features that will alleviate some of the challenges you might be having. Our team is dedicated to making sure that our platform fully meets your needs.

The Importance of Successful Implementation

This new model has great potential to ensure the safety of our children while at school, disrupt the pathway to violence, and support our students in need. Having a defined model that all districts and campuses across the state are using will provide the benefit of uniformity. This uniformity has the potential to result in an unprecedented degree of fidelity across the entire state in the processes used to assess and manage threats. Our Case Management tool is designed to fully support this goal of fidelity across the state.

Additionally, our newly launched Program Development & Operation service is aimed at building and supporting the foundational structures and processes that allow your threat management program to be implemented with a high degree of fidelity and sustainability. This evidence-based program assessment enables us to craft a specific implementation plan for your district, including policy, procedures, and various implementation supports for your campus teams. We can also serve as an advisor and subject matter expert on potential programmatic changes as well as complex cases.

While there will be hurdles that accompany initial implementation, we are committed to supporting you on this journey.

Navigate360 Threat Detection & Prevention Solutions

Ensuring the safety and well-being of your school community is a top priority for all school leaders. In an ever-changing environment with continually emerging threats and hazards, however, simply responding after a critical incident takes place isn’t enough.

Navigate360’s threat detection and prevention solutions help you proactively address concerning student behaviors while providing crucial support to those in crisis. Download the complete guide now to learn more about how these solutions work better together to support student wellness and success on your campus.

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