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Bridging the Social Distancing Gap

During these extraordinary times of isolation and social distancing, it’s critical to have easy access to communication tools, as well as a secure way to share information throughout your organization. To help you stay connected with critical safety information, Navigate360 is updating our Emergency Management Suite to include COVID-19-specific emergency response flipcharts for schools and business. We are also developing new enhancements for our student behavioral threat assessment solutions.

The flipchart apps are designed to allow quick access COVID-19 and mental health resources. Access for behavioral threat assessment teams is available to enhance communication across school behavioral threat assessment team members who are now working remote.

Technology has played an important role in helping make day-to-day activities possible as we adhere to social distancing requirements, remaining indoors while working and learning from home. Between applications, computers and other programs, it is more important than ever to take advantage of resources that will benefit your community’s safety while keeping our distance. For instance, by using an app to share your emergency procedures securely, you are safeguarding yourself, your staff and your community.

Keeping Your Emergency Response Plans in One Place

For those unfamiliar, emergency flipcharts have been used by schools for years as broad printed sheets on a spiral to outlinestep-by-step procedures in the event of specific emergencies. These digital flipcharts are an excellent means to provide the detailed instructions your staff needs in any given emergency, from required protocols to team contact information to procedures and topic-specific resources. Accessible via mobile device, you can get current emergency procedures updated instantly and in real-time, right in the palm of your hand. The tool is also customizable, so you can design it around the needs of your organization.

How to Get the Most from Emergency Preparedness Tools

  • Make use of existing content from trusted partners
  • Use a tool with templates that can be customized to your own specific needs.
    One size does not fit all!
  • Make sure updates in procedures are distributed seamlessly across the app.
    That way everyone has the same information in real-time, with a single source of
  • Allow call lists, policies and other vital details to be accessible across the
    organization. Critical information at their fingertips.
  • Use technology where it can do the most good by keeping staff connected,
    information current and confidence high.

Emergency Response Flipcharts help you create a culture of safety by preparing and communicating critical information throughout your community.

Helping Behavioral Threat Assessment Teams Stay Connected

As many schools have transitioned to remote learning due to the COVID-19 outbreak, behavioral threat assessment teams face new challenges in communicating and documenting their work. For teams now meeting virtually, sharing sensitive student information via Google Docs or email is not secure and makes confidential information more accessible, which puts your district at risk.

In response to these communication challenges, districts are leveraging Behavioral Threat Assessment technology to keep their cases organized and on track when working remotely, while also keeping sensitive student information secure.

Social distancing and isolation are impacting student’s environments in unprecedented ways. Fear, depression, loneliness, anxiety, and negative thoughts and behaviors are pervasive. Returning to school and establishing a new normal will cause new  oncerns. Therefore, we need to remain vigilant and support our threat assessment team so they can continue their work helping  to move students off a path of violence.

Best Practices for Behavioral Threat Assessment Technology

  • Provide a central secure environment to holistically monitor situations.
  • Educate your teams in a way that is cross-functional and collaborative.
  • Protect your organization by documenting threat assessment interviews in a
    consistent, proven manner.
  • Keep sensitive data and digital records secure and accessible while working
  • Have the processes and documentation in place to ensure your teams are using
    the same, proven methodology throughout your district.

Leveraging technology to support the work your Behavioral Threat Assessment teams are doing gives them the security, visibility and accessibility to be successful.

Today it’s social distancing and isolation, tomorrow could be another story. But no matter what happens, Navigate360 is your partner with the tools, training and technology to support you. This is why we focus on the entire spectrum of safety – from prevention and preparation to response and recovery. Whether those solutions come in the form of new technology, expert  raining and education or professional services, you have a partner willing to boldly confront the challenges you face while creating a safe environment where your community can thrive.

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