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1:1 School Safety – Emergency Preparedness

After years of working with our customers – helping to stay ahead of compliance regulations, staying informed of the latest trends and expert advice and gaining critical product feedback – we’ve made an important discovery:

Those districts who are achieving their school safety goals, using the software to the fullest and building a culture of safety are the ones we work with and talk with regularly.

The 1:1 School Safety Initiative creates a framework for all customers to achieve their goals for school safety while maximizing the effectiveness of NaviGate Prepared.

What is 1:1 School Safety?

It’s completely FREE as an existing customer.

It’s a guided path toward helping you achieve your goals for school safety.

It’s a monthly 15-30 minute call with a district’s safety team to review the following:

  • NaviGate Prepared software techniques, tips and new product features
  • School safety trends, expert advice and leading practices
  • Customer stories/case studies – what other schools are doing!
  • State regulation updates and reminders, where applicable

Our goal is to make sure our customers are knowledgeable of and comfortable with all the features of NaviGate Prepared so they can streamline tasks and increase their level of emergency preparedness.

How Does a Customer Take Advantage of 1:1 School Safety?

It’s easy!

  • Use the calendar link provided by your customer success rep to schedule a time that’s convenient for you (call or email them to get the link…or to set up a time)
  • Invite others in the building or district to join the call

What Customers Are Saying…

“I love this strategic, methodical approach. I feel like it gives me a good foundation to build our safety program.”

“I am more at ease knowing my customer success rep is here to guide us along the way.”

“Bringing others into these calls gives us the opportunity to share the responsibility of safety. I don’t feel as overwhelmed and we all have more focused duties.”

“It seems like a small thing, but I just really like being able to schedule my calls online. It avoids the back and forth and my time is used more effectively on the call.”

“Having the monthly meetings helps keep me on track and I know I have to get certain things done before the next one.”

“The screen-sharing ability makes it easy and adds more value to the conversation.”

“I like having a set date/time so I can bring all my questions to the call. Definitely saves time and keeps me focused.”

If you’re a current customer, but haven’t scheduled your 1:1 calls, let’s get started! Contact your Customer Success rep, today.

Not sure who your rep is or you’ve had changes in personnel at your district? Send an email to [email protected] and we will contact you right away.

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