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Behavioral Case Manager

Equip multi-disciplinary teams to comprehensively support student well-being.

Leverage one software for identifying, assessing, and managing behavioral issues before they escalate with Navigate360 Behavioral Case Manager.

Provide multidisciplinary teams with an evidence-based assessment, case management, and analytics reporting process to proactively improve outcomes for students.

Behavioral Case Manager
Student Well-Being Library

Navigate360 Student Well-Being Library

​The Student Well-being Library is a foundational component of Behavioral Case Manager. This comprehensive resource lays out processes that allow teams to assess, intervene, and manage students showing concerning behaviors – ranging from low-level issues to high-level threats of violence – to provide a holistic view of each student’s needs.

Student Support (MTSS/Pre-Referral)

  • Educational/Academic Struggles
  • Attendance
  • Behavioral Support
  • Social Development
  • Emotional Well-Being
  • Student Safety
  • Peer/Community Connection
  • Social Services Referrals
  • Bullying/Cyberbullying Prevention
  • Title IX Compliance
  • Reintegration/Return to Campus Support
  • Non-Suicidal Self-Injury
  • Behavioral Threat Assessment
  • Suicide Risk Assessment
Evidence-Based Case Management

Evidence-Based Case Management Simplified 

Simplify the process of incident evaluation and intervention with evidence-based practices:

  • Provide a structured and unbiased process for incident evaluation.
  • Enhance student outcomes through evidence-based practices.
  • Foster a culture of safety and support with streamlined case management. 
Behavioral Case Management Collaboration & Communication

Efficient Collaboration & Communication

Facilitate streamlined communication and collaboration among multidisciplinary teams.

  • Enhance collaboration through a secure cloud-based platform.
  • Enable efficient assessment and management of supports.
  • Centralize behavioral screening tools for informed decision-making and effective communication. 
Safety & Risk Reduction

Enhanced Safety & Risk Reduction

Empower your school with comprehensive processes to evaluate incidents early, ensuring a safer environment for students and staff.

  • Implement nationally recognized protocols for threat assessment, suicide prevention, and student support.
  • Embed local mandates and behavioral screeners to enhance safety measures.
  • Enable early evaluation of incidents to effectively reduce violence and self-harm.
Reduced Liabilities & Improved Compliance

Reduced Liabilities & Improved Compliance

Take advantage of Navigate360 expertise to mitigate risk and liability while fostering a culture of safety and support.

  • Mitigate risk through consistent suicide screening and threat assessment.
  • Cultivate compliance and support with secure handling of sensitive information.
  • Ensure adherence to regulations by providing secure and reliable behavioral intervention resources.

A powerful cloud-based software.

The true power of Behavioral Case Manager is unlocked when multiple processes are utilized. Rather than having all behavioral processes in separate systems, as is custom in most education systems, having them all in one platform allows you to see students who have multiple cases across processes and streamline intervention and management plans.

Navigate360 Student Well-Being Library

Key Features

Icon: User Tagging

User Tagging

Tag individuals involved in a case to streamline accountability, communication, and collaboration by notifying relevant parties and providing easy access to case information.

Icon: Guest Access

Team & Guest Access

Utilize flexible access permissions for designated teams and guest access for external stakeholders (e.g., special education staff, law enforcement, mental health professionals), ensuring security and privacy while providing pertinent information.

Icon: Memo

Team Meeting Logs

Record and document team meeting discussions and decisions, providing a comprehensive overview of interactions for transparency, accountability, and continuity of student care.

Icon: Case Transfer

Automatic Case Transfer

Integrate with your Student Information System (SIS) to automatically transfer cases between teams or departments based on predefined criteria or workflow milestones, streamlining case management.

Icon: Link

Linked Models/Cases

Link case types to logically evolve screening and management processes. For example, screen and classify situations using a general support methodology and seamlessly transition into a Title IX process if harassment is identified.

Icon: Notification

Notification Suite

Build customized notifications to stay informed about a range of events, from individual case updates to the most serious cases.

Layered Integrations

icon: integration

Behavioral Case Manager seamlessly integrates with both Navigate360 Anonymous Tipline & Reporting and Navigate360 Digital Threat Detection to provide a unified solution for identifying and addressing threats of violence to self or others, before they escalate.

icon: info gather

By centralizing information about students of concern gathered from anonymous tiplines and digital scanning of conversations on school-owned computers, Behavioral Case Manager equips teams to conduct proactive assessments while also managing behavior interventions to effectively support student well-being and documenting all actions taken.

icon: record and document

Record and document team meeting discussions and decisions, providing a comprehensive overview of interactions for transparency, accountability, and continuity of student care.

Set a course for zero incidents.

Connect with a Navigate360 safety and well-being expert to discuss your Behavioral Case Manager needs.

Set a course for zero incidents.

Take a layered, holistic approach to school safety with Navigate360 technology, training, and guidance to move you closer to your goal.

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