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Workplace Safety and Wellness Suite

Reduce risks, limit liability and create a productive and safe work environment for all of your employees with on-demand workplace safety and wellness training and education.
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Effective Workplace Safety Training and Tools to Reduce Risks and Support Employee Productivity

Never before has the physical, social, and emotional safety of your employee been so critical. In today’s world of isolation, staggered shifts, and remote work it’s easy for employees to become disconnected and face challenges to their wellbeing. Enhancing the safety of your employees is proven to reduce risks, limit liabilities, and improve your staff’s ability to focus and stay productive. Our Workplace Safety and Wellness Suite provides you and your employees with proven strategies, on-demand training, and expert tools to maximize workplace safety and boost employee satisfaction. Additionally, we offer multiple training delivery models – ensuring our programs fit your organization’s unique safety and compliance needs. Discover your options – get started today.

We chose to deploy ALICE Training® to our employees globally because their program is well organized, easily understood by the audience and comprehensive in its principles of response to an active shooter situation. We want our people to be safe and able to react appropriately to any crisis, especially one of this type. We picked the best program available to ensure their safety and survival.
Rick Kelly

Director of Global Security, Ingersoll Rand

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Optimize training times and retention with engaging micro-courses

Provide professional development opportunities with advanced safety certifications

Ensure the Wellbeing of Your Workforce – Emotionally and Socially – with Narrated Awareness Courses

Our wellness courses help your workforce recognize and hopefully prevent a breakdown in their own mental capacity and those around them. Opioid and Addiction Awareness The opioid epidemic touches countless individuals with negative and long-term effects. Individuals and organizations alike are now taking on the challenge to recognize and address addiction. Navigate360’s Opioid and Addiction Awareness course helps your team properly recognize and hopefully help prevent addiction in themselves and those around them, at work and in the community.

  • This 4-segment course is for the basic learner and helps them understand drug use, addiction, prevention and recovery including: Understanding Drug Use and Addiction, Using Opioids – the effects and what to ask, Treatment for Addiction and Guidelines and Laws for Helping those with Addiction

Suicide Awareness and Prevention The combined stressors of work and life in general can lead to overwhelming feelings at times. It is important to learn how to recognize and mitigate those tremendous feelings of negativity for your workforce, yourself and those around you. The Suicide Awareness and Prevention course is designed for general learning, to help understand what suicide really is as well as recognize and hopefully prevent suicide in learners and those around them.

  • This 4-segment course is for the fundamental learner and takes you through a comprehensive awareness program including: The Truth About Suicide, Suicide Risk Factors, Suicide Warning Signs and Protecting and Helping.

Empower Your Employees with the Standard in Options-Based Active Threat Response Training

ALICE Training® empowers your employees to respond with confidence, using proactive options-based response strategies, when a violent incident occurs. You will receive a certification upon successful completion. ALICE Training®: Violent Assailant, Options-Based Response Strategies The “it won’t happen here” mentality is no longer a viable option for any organization. 76% of violent incidents take place at businesses and individuals must participate in their own survival until help arrives. Preparing and protecting your workforce is not only your responsibility by law, it is the right thing to do for your organization.

  • The ALICE Training 6-segment course helps your team understand the life saving strategies and lays a foundation of life lessons that can be used anywhere in any environment. The modules include extensive training on: Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate strategies to be used in any order appropriate to the individual situation.

Take advantage of multiple training options to ensure your team’s retention with live virtual workshops or onsite training.

Ensure a Safe, Compassionate and Efficient Recovery Process Following an Emergency

Discover how to build an effective recovery plan, ensuring a safe and quick return to the office for your employees. Get access to real recovery planning resources to help you develop, document and test your organization’s plan. Recovery: Trauma Response No leader wants to believe the violence of world will penetrate the walls of their organization. Unfortunately, believing it won’t happen is not a productive strategy. Every organization needs to have a plan in place to ensure the recovery is compassionate and swift after an act of violence occurs. Our trauma response planning course takes your team through a comprehensive planning process.

  • This is an interactive 7-segment course for leadership with resources to draft and document your plan including: Introduction and Defining Trauma, Preparedness Timeline, Coping and Healing, Media Coverage Management, Moving On to Normalcy, Addressing Anniversaries, and Safety Training Post Event.

Understand and Recognize Concerning Behaviors to Prevent Workplace Violence

Improve prevention of workplace violence and incidents by helping staff understand the risk factors and warning signs of concerning behaviors to help keep your workforce safe.

  • Behavioral Threat Assessment Training (fall 2020)
  • Harassment & Stalking (winter 2020)

Develop Your Teams and Enhance Organizational Security with Advanced Training Certifications

As a complement to our Workplace Safety and Wellness Suite, we offer advanced training courses and certifications to augment the capabilities of your safety and security teams. Advanced certification courses for commercial workplaces currently include:

  • ALICE Instructor Certification

Protect Your Employees and Your Business With Our Workplace Safety and Wellness Suite

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