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Other Communities

Safety Solutions for All

Navigate360 serves a broad range of other communities – both public and private. Some of these communities include:

  • Places of worship
  • Retail stores
  • Small to midsize businesses
  • And more

Education and Services

Navigate360 offers training options and expert services designed for business, houses of worship, and others. We help you get the right safety preparedness plans in place, getting you started on a path to safety with confidence. Get in touch to learn more.

Attending your workshop was one of the BEST ways to spend two days of my time. There was so much value in learning and in participating in the drills. I am very excited about implementing the safety preparedness procedures at St. James in Glen Ellyn.

Lisa Gilligan

Designed for Organizations Like Yours

How well would your institution handle a potentially violent or life-threatening situation? Would your people know what to do? Are you prepared?

Navigate360 can help. We offer dynamic training programs and expert assessment and consultative services to help keep communities safe and prepared.

  • Preventative safety and security audits help assess your location to identify and solve for any weaknesses in security, vulnerabilities and risks
  • ALICE Training can help your people and staff know what to do to maximize their chances of survival in the face of an incident of violence
  • Navigate360 technology can make it easy for your team to provide accountability and documentation for all completed training, educational sessions and other preparation practices
  • Organizations can reduce their potential liability by implementing training and technology that directly aligns with state and federal standards of care for violent intruder events

Navigate360 Resource Center

Learn more about safety solutions in your professional environment.

Do you have a good security plan?

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