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Navigate360 - Building Safer Tomorrows

The New Standard for Safe & Supportive K-12 Environments

Learn more about the future of whole-child student safety, wellness and success.

We believe that school safety and student wellness must become synonymous with academic success because students can’t reach their full academic potential unless they feel safe and supported within their classrooms.

The addition of PBIS Rewards expands our leading whole-child safety suite, giving you the end-to-end tools, expertise and confidence needed to strengthen the safety, wellness and academic performance of our youth.

For the first time, educators can seamlessly provide support by connecting students with situationally relevant resources that help them return to a pathway to wellness.

Pairing PBIS Rewards with Navigate360 solutions like Suite360 mental, social and character-building intervention curricula, as well as Behavioral Threat & Suicide Case Management, educators can:

  • Deliver whole-child character and life skill education and recognize their students’ positive behaviors—providing positive reinforcement that motivates students
  • Identify early signs of distress in their students through social-emotional check-ins, while also documenting concerning behavior to ensure early interventions
  • Connect, share and analyze critical information with colleagues about behavioral threat assessment case management
  • Leverage reports and key insights from school-, district- and profile-level data
  • Apply robust intervention curricula support playbooks aligned with schools PBIS & MTSS frameworks

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