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Texas Leaders Commit Additional Funding for School Security

Governor Abbott Transfers $400 Million to Support Physical Security Efforts Statewide

On October 27, 2022, Texas Governor Greg Abbott authorized the transfer of $400 million dollars to improve security measures in Texas schools. Announced alongside Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Speaker Dade Phelan, Senate Finance Committee Chair Joan Huffman and House Appropriations Chair Dr. Greg Bonnen, the move is part of a nearly $900 million investment in various school and border safety initiatives.

“Securing the safety of our children…is of paramount importance. This action ensures that Texas is in a strong position to confront these issues head-on.”

– Lieutenant Governor Patrick

Schools will be able to use these funds for a variety of safety and security measures, including:

  • Risk assessments to determine necessary facility upgrades
  • Solutions for enhanced campus and cyber security
  • Silent panic alarms and site mapping to improve first responder response time (SPAT Grant)

These funds will assist Texas schools in their efforts to make campuses safer and provide communities with the confidence that student and teacher safety is the top priority.

Navigate360 Can Help You Maximize Increased Funding with Solutions that Work Better Together

As the only school safety partner focused on students’ holistic wellbeing, we offer a robust suite of solutions to help you care for the whole child. Our solutions currently support the safety, wellness and success of 2.3 million students and 147,000 teachers across the state of Texas. We know that whole-child safety is complex, and that’s why we believe in solutions that work better together to enable a whole-community approach to school safety.

Safety & Security Solutions

Safety & Security Suite: Operating as a single visitor, volunteer, panic button and emergency management solution set, our Safety & Security Suite integrates Emergency Management and Visitor & Volunteer Management to ensure real-time, whole-campus oversight and accountability and improve communication pathways. The suite provides a variety of features, including Alyssa’s Law-compliant silent panic alarms, robust safety checks, comprehensive site mapping, drill management and guidance for conducting door audits.

SPAT Grants Provide for Silent Panic Alarms

Texas authorized the Silent Panic Alert Technology Grant in June 2022. This funding provides $17 million for schools statewide to install silent panic alarms that will allow for immediate connection with first responders in the event of a critical emergency.

We can help! Contact one of our safety experts to see how Navigate360 can address this need.

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Silent Panic Alert Button

Risk Assessment: School safety & security is complex, and not every precaution can be implemented simultaneously. Our board-certified Physical Security Professional (PSP) risk assessors will help you understand your campus’ hard security needs and how to prioritize your spending. From identifying necessary facility upgrades such as doors and windows to recognizing needed enhancements to communication systems, risk assessment is critical to the successful integration of effective security solutions.

Detect: Detect is the most comprehensive digital safety solution available. This software helps identify and address a student’s intent to harm themselves or others by scanning digital content in real time and notifying school administrators of harm language found in school-owned email and public social media. It also utilizes a web indexing database of 3 billion URLs to protect students from potentially harmful content.

P3 Anonymous Tip Reporting: P3 serves as a forum for collaboration and accountability between school administrators, peace officers and mental health professionals to ensure every student’s needs are met. Our technology also powers well-known national and state-level tip lines such as Sandy Hook Promise’s Say Something program and Safe2Tell Colorado. As the leading anonymous tip reporting tool, our software empowers students, teachers and individuals to proactively share information about safety, bullying, self-harm and violence.

Whole-Child Safety is about More Than Physical Security

Navigate360 Offers Holistic Solutions

For students to thrive academically, they need to feel safe physically, mentally and emotionally. That’s why it’s critical that you have solutions in place to develop a school culture and climate that supports holistic student wellness. From mental health support and early intervention for students at risk of violence, to trauma-informed safety training and character education, we have the tools you need to care for your entire school community.

In addition to solutions aligned with the funding mentioned above, we also offer:

Safety & Security Solutions

  • ALICE Training®: The ALICE program is a proactive, options-based active shooter response training program that empowers students and staff to survive in the face of violence. This trauma-informed, age- and ability-appropriate training program provides your schools with both eLearning and in-person instruction options and teaches proven techniques for safety drills and emergency response.

Threat Detection & Prevention Solutions

  • Behavioral Threat Assessment Training: Establishing and maintaining an effective multidisciplinary team requires a commitment from both team members and the school community. Training provides the support your threat assessment team needs to successfully fulfill that commitment. Through training, teams will be equipped to identify students and situations that raise concern, gather information to assess the risk of violence and develop intervention and management strategies to support students and prevent violence.
  • Behavioral Threat & Suicide Case Management: This single solution will provide your school’s mental health professionals and BTA team members with evidence-based case management software that allows for continuum of care documentation and analytics reporting to proactively improve outcomes for students of concern. For a truly robust understanding of student wellbeing, it can also be integrated with P3 Anonymous Reporting.

Mental Health & Awareness Solutions

  • Suite360 Character Education for Texas: Help your students reach their full potential and thrive with the most comprehensive, evidence-based character education curriculum available. Suite360 Character Education includes scaffolded lessons for grades K-12, engaging content that students understand and diverse topics that help to produce well-rounded students.
  • Mental Health & Prevention: Navigate360 provides mental health awareness tools to address tough mental health and safety-related topics. With professionally developed resources for students, staff and families, everyone can care for their own mental health and respond appropriately when they or someone they care about is in need.
  • Intervention & Restorative Practices: Turn discipline into a learning opportunity by providing students with lessons based on their infraction, providing a better alternative to detention and suspension and improving decision-making moving forward. With the most comprehensive, continuously updated library of lessons, students have access to individualized lessons based on their behavior, cognitive level and ability.

Navigate360 Offers Holistic Solutions that Support Students, Schools & Communities


We know it takes more than a single solution to take care of the whole child and the schools and community that surround them, which is why we believe in solutions that work better together. From prevention all the way through response and recovery, we can provide end-to-end solutions that keep your students, teachers and staff safe.

Building a comprehensive safety plan can be a daunting task, but we are here to help. Speak with one of our safety specialists today to learn how you can maximize your safety grants and state funding and build a holistic ecosystem of whole-child safety this year.