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Preparation & Response

Be ready to act

Emergencies and violence can happen at any school. Do everything you can to ensure a positive outcome with Navigate360 Preparation & Response solutions.
Preparation & Response
Emergency Management


Ready for any emergency.

Accelerate emergency response, minimize impacts, and reunite students with caregivers quickly.

More about the Navigate360 Emergency Managementarrow

Risk Assessments

Close the gaps in your safety programs.

Assess your preparedness and your capacity to respond to an emergency—and learn how to improve both.More about the Navigate360 Risk Assessmentsarrow
Security Audit

Ensure your policies are equal to the challenge.

Examine your current security policies and procedures to ensure that they are complete, up-to-date, and aligned with best practices and compliance requirements.

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Control access to your school.

Streamline authorized access and prevent unwelcome visitors – without overloading your front office.

More about the Navigate360 Visitor Management

Control access to your school
Panic Alarm

Call for help with one silent touch.

Summon security teams and first responders the moment they’re needed with a silent alarm system that complies with Alyssa’s Law.More about Navigate360 Panic Alarmarrow

Site Mapping

Give first responders the full picture.

Add detailed, accurate critical incident maps and floor plans to enable first responders to move quickly and reduce crisis response times.More about Navigate360 Site Mappingarrow

Preparation Response Training

Champion the safety skills that can make a difference.

Teach faculty and staff how to protect themselves and one another.More about Navigate360 Preparation & Response Trainingarrow

ALICE Active Shooter Response Training

Increase survivability during a violent incident.

Go beyond lock-down and equip your staff and students with proven, practical active shooter response skills.

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Students who feel safe and supported are better prepared to reach their potential.

Read The Ultimate Guide to Physical, Social & Emotional Safety in Schools to learn how you can achieve both goals with Navigate360 as your partner.

Students who feel safe and supported are better prepared to reach their potential

Set a course for zero incidents.

Connect with a Navigate360 safety and well-being expert to discuss your goals.

You can reach safety from here.

A comprehensive, compliance-driven Risk Assessment is the first step on the path to zero incidents.