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A Digital, Schoolwide PBIS Management Solution

PBIS Rewards

PBIS Rewards helps schools create a positive climate in which every student can learn and grow academically, socially and emotionally.

  • Simplify the PBIS framework implementation for your school
  • Eliminate the need for paper tickets with a fully functional digital token economy
  • Quickly and easily recognize students for positive behavior
  • Promote a common language among staff and students, keeping everyone on the same page

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Our system simplifies the implementation and tracking of a school’s PBIS framework. With PBIS Rewards, school administration can clearly see how teachers are utilizing the PBIS framework and how it is improving school culture.

PBIS Rewards assists schools in teaching appropriate behavior. Most PBIS programs use paper tokens as a way to keep track of student points. However, paper tokens are difficult for students to keep track of and can be a burden for teachers. PBIS Rewards digitizes your token economy and helps make it easy to recognize students for acting responsibly.

PBIS Rewards is easy to use, fun for both students and staff and provides accountability for everyone in the school. Our suite of PBIS Rewards apps includes a family app that gives parents a view into how their child is doing within the PBIS program.

Overview and Benefits

Recognize Any Student, Anywhere!

A key aspect of PBIS is focusing on positive behaviors and less on negative behaviors. PBIS Rewards makes this easier with schoolwide support. Our convenient suite of apps makes it simple for the whole school to participate in student recognition, providing consistency throughout the campus. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 – or reward, report and redeem! 

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Acknowledge students by recognizing them with points for meeting schoolwide expectations. Teachers and staff can immediately acknowledge positive student behavior from a mobile device or web browser.


Track points, interventions and referrals with real-time PBIS Rewards reports.  Point totals are automatically tracked in the secure web portal. Complete with admin reports, goal setting and a student portal.

Electronic Record Keeping
Lessons That Help Students Learn From Their Infractions


Students can redeem their points through stores, events and raffles. The integrated store and event management system makes it easy to facilitate PBIS store purchases and event check-ins through our web-based application, smartphone app or tablet.

Benefits of PBIS Rewards:

  • Quick acknowledgement of positive behavior – save time and make recognizing students anytime, anywhere easy, leaving more time for classroom instruction.
  • Simplify store management by eliminating paper tickets.
  • Promote a common language among your staff and students, keeping everyone on the same page.
  • Easy setup with a simple and intuitive interface and no special equipment needed. The program can be accessed on smartphones, tablets or from any web browser.
  • Syncs with your Student Information System (SIS) through Clever or ClassLink. Single Sign-On support available.
  • Reduce Office Discipline Referrals (ODRs). More than one-third of the schools using PBIS Rewards saw a greater than 30% reduction in ODRs.

Enhanced Features of PBIS Rewards

SEL/Status Check

The PBIS Rewards’ SEL/Status Check feature helps staff members quickly log an SEL check-in and track the social and emotional state of students. Data helps staff members work with students to develop self-awareness and work toward greater emotional maturity.

  • Customizable SEL settings: category, emoji, color, description and de-escalation strategies
  • Drilldown reporting that provides data on all students and gives an overview of students at highest risk
  • Student Self-Check that gives the students the ability to document and communicate their SEL status
  • Notifications can be set to alert staff members when a student submits a high risk SEL check-in
  • Quickly identify risk factors in students and provide access to extra help throughout the day


With the Check-In/Check-Out (CICO) system for students in PBIS Rewards, you can easily manage and track the CICO progress for Tier II students. The data generated will help your CICO PBIS initiative operate more efficiently, enabling students to progress back into Tier I.

  • Completely Digital & Easy for Teachers – No paper involved. Each day the coach will use the PBIS Rewards system to check in a student. Throughout the day, their teachers will check-in the student and all of the goals and progress are updated in the system in real-time.
  • Configurable Goals – Define a set of schoolwide goals for your CICO efforts and assign them to your students in need of Tier II intervention.
  • Manage Coaches – Identify the CICO coaches your students will start and end their day with.
  • Reporting – Data is available to monitor and track the progress of both the schoolwide usage of CICO and also at a per-student level.

Behavior Referral System

The primary purpose of implementing a PBIS initiative is to change the climate of schools so that students can grow educationally, emotionally and socially. An important measure of progress involves tracking office discipline referrals. The PBIS Rewards Behavior Referral System provides a simple and direct view of the progress your PBIS program is making and provides teacher-by-teacher and student-by-student data to help you make improvements.

  • Completely Digital – No paper involved! The referral can be started from the smartphone app, a tablet device or a computer.
  • Customizable Infractions List – You can customize the list of infractions to fit your school and environment (e.g., bullying, fighting).
  • Customizable Redirections List – You can customize the list of redirections that teachers are attempting to diffuse situations (e.g., time out).
  • Customizable Motivations List – You can customize the list of student motivations to more accurately reflect the underlying cause of the infraction.
  • Customizable Administrative Actions List – Customize the actions that can be taken by the administrative staff when dealing with the student (e.g., in-school suspension, letter of apology).
  • Referral Notifications – When a referral is started, the office staff is immediately notified so they have advanced warning that a situation needs attention.
  • Closed-Loop View – The staff responsible for the referral will see what action was taken by the administrative staff.
  • 360 Degree View – Administrative reports give a clear view of how PBIS Rewards is working and how it relates to office referrals on a teacher-by-teacher basis. Your PBIS Program Lead will have data to help provide feedback to teachers, helping them to see how adherence to PBIS principles makes a difference by reducing their office referrals.

**The Behavior Referral System option is an ADDITIONAL FEE to the standard base cost of PBIS Rewards. **

Hall Pass & Absent Tracking

PBIS Rewards provides a quick and easy way for schools to view which students are absent or out of class at any given time throughout the day. With the hall pass and absent tracking features, schools can identify patterns in student behavior and work to reduce unnecessary time out of class.

  • Quickly log a student as absent or out on a hall pass via the web portal or by scanning a student’s ID with the mobile app.
  • Automatically removes absent/hall pass students from receiving points when awarding group points, making it easier for staff to ensure the correct students are receiving points.
  • Drill down into reports to view the number of hall passes or absences, date/time, issuer of hall pass or absence, and average duration of the hall pass.
  • Teach accountability & time management by holding students accountable for quickly getting back to class.
  • Increase instructional time by identifying students who are taking long or unnecessary hall passes and intervene to reduce time out of class.
  • Reduce absenteeism by identifying student patterns of absenteeism and providing targeted support when needed.

House Groups

With PBIS Rewards House Groups, schools can build diverse cross-grade groups by placing students into houses, allowing schools to tie their house system in with their PBIS initiative. House groups allow for elements of community and positive competition to be brought into a school’s PBIS initiative, which can lead to increased engagement, increased academic achievement, a reduction in behavior problems and builds a stronger school community.

  • Randomly auto assign students into houses OR specifically place them into designated houses based on goals and needs.
  • Customize house names and logos.
  • Staff can award points to the house, individual students in the house or both.
  • The points awarded to each house are based on the same set of schoolwide expectations established by school administrators.
  • A leaderboard feature allows administrators to display point totals for houses so everyone can track house progress.
  • Provides opportunities for mentorship and encouragement across grades. This can help reduce bullying and other behavior problems.
  • Provides social-emotional benefits.
  • Helps students learn about responsibility, teamwork, leadership skills and cooperation.

House Groups create a sense of inclusion, belonging and excitement about school. This can lead to far-reaching benefits and help build a positive school community.


Teacher Rewards

Teachers deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication. This recognition is more important now than ever before, and PBIS Rewards can help you recognize their excellence. In the same way that you recognize and interact with students in a PBIS environment, you can use Teacher Rewards to recognize the accomplishment and achievements of your staff members. Extending recognition to your staff can improve buy-in and encourage everyone to come together to make your PBIS initiative a success!

  • Show appreciation to every member of your staff for their extra efforts
  • Track how your staff and admins are doing with our built-in reports
  • Enable a token economy to provide perks or incentives in the Teacher Store

Our Teacher Rewards feature can change your staff culture the same way your PBIS program changes your school’s culture with your students.


Layered Integrations

with Compass Curriculum (Formerly Suite360)

Your SEL, PBIS, and behavior intervention programs can operate seamlessly with the integration of Navigate360’s character and culture solutions.

Integrations include:

  • PBIS Rewards & Compass Curriculum – Schools that use both programs have the option to allow students to earn points in PBIS Rewards when they complete an assigned lesson in Compass Curriculum. Currently only available for Clever users, this integration seamlessly connects your SEL and PBIS initiatives, drives engagement, and provides a more holistic, layered solution to support and encourage positive behavior and student growth.
  • PBIS Rewards & Behavior Intervention – When filling out a discipline referral in PBIS Rewards (using the Behavior Referral System), administrators can assign a Navigate360 Behavior Intervention lesson at the same time, ensuring students have a chance to learn from their behavioral missteps. This integration simplifies the process of tracking and addressing unwanted behaviors.

What Do Customers Think of PBIS Rewards?

Amanda Bradford
Assistant Principal

Riverview Elementary

“We love using PBIS Rewards at our school! Truly a game changer!”

Kenneth Walker
Director of Operations

Monument Academy

“PBIS Rewards has truly placed the focus on positive behavior within our school. Students are motivated by earning points and are often going above and beyond with positive behavior in order to maximize earnings. The implementation of PBIS Rewards has created an incentive system that youth are highly bought in to and are always wanting to know of their status in!”

Carly Walrod
Personal Development/PE Teacher & PBIS Committee

North Central Jr. High

“In the last year, PBIS Rewards has changed how our building looks and uses the PBIS process. We love it and can’t wait to continue celebrating students success!”

Pam Hanner
Assistant Principal

Kelly A. Burlison Middle School

“PBIS Rewards is the BEST program to utilize if you are implementing PBIS in your school! HANDS DOWN!”

Shontoyia Gilliard
Teacher/ PBIS Internal Coach

Elizabeth T. Hughbanks Elementary

“Our school site needed something that would unify the different classes and grade levels. PBIS Rewards was so easy and user-friendly that all of our teachers were able to use it! This year we added the teacher recognition with the Teacher Rewards store and the referral system. Our teachers and students love PBIS Rewards!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers about PBIS Rewards? Use this section to help you learn more.

You have questions about PBIS Rewards, and we have answers! Use our frequently asked questions to help you find the answers you need to help you determine if PBIS Rewards is right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What grade levels can use PBIS Rewards?
PBIS Rewards is designed for use in ALL grade levels, from preschool through high school.
What kind of equipment do I need to use PBIS Rewards?
There is no additional equipment or hardware to purchase. PBIS Rewards is an app for smartphones and tablets. It can be downloaded from the Apple Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store. PBIS Rewards is also available from virtually any web browser. There is no additional cost for the apps.
Does PBIS Rewards integrate with Student Information Systems (SIS)?
Yes, it does integrate with Student Information Systems. We utilize Clever and ClassLink to integrate with school and district SIS platforms. These platforms enable schools and districts to communicate directly with learning applications to streamline technology use in the classroom.
Do students need ID badges?
No, badges are not required to use PBIS Rewards. ID badges are the preferred method of identification for use with PBIS Rewards, but other options are available.
Are ID badges included with PBIS Rewards?
No, ID badges are not included with PBIS Rewards. The PBIS Rewards system does provide various PDF files that you can print yourself. We have seen some schools use the PDF files to print the ID badges as labels and stick them on binders, desks, electronic devices, or even on existing badges.

For an additional cost, we can produce student ID badges for you, but many schools opt to produce them on their own with the provided printable options.

What kind of reports can PBIS Rewards generate?
PBIS Rewards includes a variety of reports to help you oversee PBIS implementation at your school. You can track incentives given, know if your staff members are hitting their points goals and get quick insights on usage. You can also track the purchases in your school store and manage inventory. There are also reports to view referral data. Reports tracking teacher usage, student usage, referral data and more allow you to fine-tune your PBIS program for maximum benefit. You’ll find all of these reports, and many more, in the PBIS Rewards portal.

PBIS Rewards

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This collection of eBooks from PBIS Rewards is here to help any and all schools with their PBIS implementation. There is something for everyone, regardless of your PBIS implementation experience.

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