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P3 School Tipline

The most trusted anonymous tip line for schools reporting software.
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P3 School Tipline allows students to anonymously share their concerns with those capable of preventing the preventable.

Proactively address critical issues to prevent tragedy


Empower students with an efficient and trusted anonymous tip reporting platform

Coordinate responses across your multidisciplinary team

Provide your staff and students a trusted anonymous tip reporting platform and take a proactive approach to preventing harm.

Did You Know?


 of violent incidents in U.S. schools are anticipated but never reported

schools nationwide use P3 to save lives and prevent tragedies

statewide initiatives use P3 as part of their state school safety programs

Give your staff and students the opportunity to share what they know with Navigate360’s P3 School Tipline anonymous tip line for schools reporting.

When students are given an anonymous tool to report concerns of violence, their confidence in your ability to maintain a culture of safety increases.

Safe2Tell Colorado

Anonymous Tip Line for Schools and Communities

Stacey Jenkins, of Safe2Tell Colorado, shares her experience partnering with Navigate360 to provide an anonymous tip line to schools and communities statewide, how to involve students to get buy-in, and steps you can take to encourage your community to implement this lifesaving tool.

Your Students Know Things You Don’t – Sharing This Information Can Prevent Tragedy

  • In 81% of violent incidents in U.S. schools, someone other than the attacker knew it was going to happen but failed to report it.
  • The most common reports through P3 Campus concern suicide threats, bullying/cyberbullying, and drugs on campus.
  • P3 School Tipline is proven technology used in more than 30,000 schools nationwide and has saved lives and prevented tragedies.

A Turnkey Solution with Built-In Support to Empower Your Students & Staff

  • Supplemented by promotional materials and guides
  • Provides administrators and designated law enforcement officials with an intuitive interface to manage and share tips in real time
  • Aids you in gathering the information you need to fully support and protect your students

Empower Your Multidisciplinary Teams to Proactively Prevent Harm

  • P3 School Tipline is not simply a mailbox for anonymous tips. It allows your multidisciplinary team to coordinate and maximize investigations, making sure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Provides a platform for collaboration and accountability between school administrators, peace officers and mental health professionals to ensure every student’s needs are met with P3 School Tipline.
  • Gives you the capability to be proactive, rather than reactive, to concerning situations or behaviors within your school community.
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Prevent the Preventable with Navigate360’s P3 School Tipline: Anonymous Tip Reporting

  • Real-time report management capabilities from any PC, tablet or smartphone allows you to review, update, reply to and deliver reports from any of your devices.
  • Engage in 2-way dialogue with reporting parties to acquire more information.
  • Real-time anonymous live chat comes complete with anonymous push notifications via the P3 School Tipline mobile app.
  • Immediately exchange and share reports with your internal recipient accounts, other P3 accounts and recipient groups.
  • Conduct automatic checks for the same names, aliases, addresses or any user-defined keywords across all reports.
  • Extensive auditing of all user interaction so you know exactly who did what, and when.
  • Notifications for reporting parties when actions have been taken on reports.
  • Mobile app available on both Apple and Android operating systems.
  • Ability for reporting parties to attach screenshots, videos and photos to their reports.

Allow Your Staff & Students to Safely Share Their Concerns

Discover how you can prevent the preventable with proven anonymous reporting technology. 

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