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SEL in Practice: Navigate360 Social-Emotional Learning & Marion Public Schools

Fostering a positive school environment and helping students develop strategies to succeed academically, emotionally and socially are top-of-mind goals for most school districts. The challenge, however, lies in finding a social-emotional learning (SEL) program that can be integrated into the classroom naturally and help at-risk students learn strategies to more positively respond to stressors. This case study explores how Marion Public Schools in Marion, MI used Navigate360 Social-Emotional Learning to help support their students with their academic and personal success.


Implement social-emotional learning district-wide

Suite360 is Now Part of the Navigate360 Suite of Solutions!

In 2020, Evolution Labs and their Suite360 Social-Emotional Learning products joined Navigate360. Now known as Navigate360 SEL, this offering is still research-backed and evidence-based, with content aligned to the standards developed by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) and mapped to the grade-specific learning objectives published by various federal and state education boards.

Read the full case study to see the impact our product has made on Marion Public Schools.

Why Marion Public Schools Chose to Implement SEL Curriculum

Marion Public Schools uses Navigate360 Social-Emotional Learning to support student success and growth. “We’re a small district, so I am superintendent and elementary school principal,” says Chris Arrington of Marion Public Schools. “[This program] has helped me be a better principal.” Through the Michigan Virtual program, which uses resources to fund SEL and mental health curriculum statewide, Navigate360 has helped Marion Public Schools and other Michigan schools provide direct support for their students.

The digital SEL platform with targeted lessons on timely topics was exactly what Marion Public Schools was looking for. It allows students to receive instruction in a format that is geared toward their learning style (digital and engaging) on topics that are truly meaningful to them.

Navigate360 Social-Emotional Learning

How Marion Public Schools Implemented Navigate360 Social-Emotional Learning

Marion Public Schools is using Navigate360 Social-Emotional Learning in a variety of ways to serve the needs of their students, staff and parents/guardians. To start, it is incorporated into daily classroom learning. “We get 10 to 15 minutes before class starts [to complete the lesson] and it’s already integrated into our day. You can just go on and do whatever lesson is assigned to your class for that week,” says Andrea Weaver, a student at Marion High School. The program can also help when dealing with students who exhibit challenging behaviors. Students referred to Arrington’s office will find themselves working on their SEL skills, turning their challenging behavior into a learning opportunity.

“I almost automatically assign a [Navigate360 Social-Emotional Learning] module to the student, [as] it does a much better job than I could for coaching behaviors, and it does so in a modern form,” Arrington says.

Often, students respond better to the lessons provided through Navigate360’s SEL program than having an administrator or teacher discuss the topics with them. Danyel Prielipp, the principal and athletic director at Marion High School, agrees. “Our kids relate a lot better to watching [the videos] than hearing an adult tell them over and over that they need to change their behavior.”

At Marion High School, students who are displaying challenging behavior may be sent to the Responsible Thinking Center (RTC), a room designed to help students “think about the way that they acted and how they can fix how they acted in the classroom,” says Prielipp. Students in the RTC may be assigned a Navigate360 Social Emotional Learning lesson module, particularly if they are continually struggling with the same challenging behavior. In essence, these modules directly relate to their behavior and give them real-time strategies delivered in a manner they can understand.

SEL & Parental Partnerships at Marion Public Schools

SEL isn’t something that only takes place within the walls of the school; parents and caregivers should be just as involved in the process. Navigate360 Social-Emotional Learning’s parent-specific modules and parent portal connects caregivers with school staff, allowing schools to address the social and emotional needs of the child with their whole community. “We see huge potential in the parent portal,” says Arrington, who explains that it allows him to call parents and discuss any of the lessons their child has just completed in the program. “Every parent has been receptive and very helpful, so I can say that in our very short use of [the parent portal], it’s already paying dividends with the way we communicate with parents and how we’re addressing the whole child.”


Implementing Navigate360 Social-Emotional Learning in Your Schools

Navigate360 Social-Emotional Learning has had a positive impact on Marion Public Schools, and student Andrea Weaver can testify to its efficacy. “I personally really like it,” she says. “The information is valuable, and it comes to us in a way that we understand.” Navigate360 Social-Emotional Learning is a digital program that delivers age-appropriate, research-based lessons in a way students can understand and retain. These days, students are true digital natives who are comfortable around technology and typically learn best using apps, web-based platforms and other digital resources. Navigate360 Social-Emotional Learning has evolved to meet these Gen Z and Gen Alpha students right where they are.

The lessons are scaffolded by grade level and sequenced to include an evolving content library covering a wide range of topics, including responsible decision-making, bullying prevention, drugs and alcohol, vaping, relationship skills, college prep, mental health, academic success, and more. Navigate360 SEL consists of SEL for Students, SEL for Staff, SEL for Parents, Intervention & Restorative Practices, and Mental Health & Prevention.

Download the full case study to learn more about how Marion Public Schools implemented SEL in their schools. To schedule a demo of Navigate360 Social-Emotional Learning, contact us today.


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