Keep Your Schools Safe, Welcoming and Thriving

Your students and staff deserve safe learning environments to build confidence and thrive.

The Complexities of School Safety

As a leader, your mission is to create an environment that meets the needs of students and staff, allowing them to focus on what matters most: learning. Students will be unable to excel if they do not feel safe, protected or welcome. So, what are your options with ongoing changes to compliance, rising societal risk and the growing uncertainty among your students?

Discover Smart School Safety

Smart school safety requires the tools and training necessary to build confidence in both staff and students. Comprehensive and engaging training are your foundation, with support from tools that communicate, limit distractions and facilitate a welcome environment. Navigate360 offers your school:

  • Threat detection and prevention tools developed by industry experts.
  • eLearning, onsite training and certifications to build a foundation of safety.
  • Emergency planning and facility management systems to ensure you are prepared and compliant.
  • Security and safety analysis to establish standards and plan for improvements.

“It doesn’t do the work for me. Instead, it provides me with a framework that I can use to plan a safety and security roadmap for the entire district.”

Joe McKenna

Director of Safety & Security, Comal Independent School District

Your Complete Guide to Effective Threat Detection & Prevention

Uncertainty, isolation and a variety of additional social stressors are resulting in increased depression and anxiety for the students in your care.

This guide explains how proactive prevention processes become your foundation for building a culture of safety. It also outlines what to consider and who to involve when building your program Download your free copy today. 

Holistic School Safety Solutions –
From Prevention to Recovery

Your solution for better violence prevention, foundational school safety training and streamlined emergency planning and processes.

New Poll Says More Than 70% of All Teens Only Feel Safe at Home

In a recent poll conducted in partnership with John Zogby Strategies, a surveying adults and teens in the U.S., found that more than 70% of teenage respondents only feel safe at home. See some of our expert takeaways and discover what opportunities this study identifies for schools.

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“On behalf of the entire school district – students, teachers, staff, administrators, board – I would like to express our deep appreciation to the folks from ALICE for helping us take the first big step in changing our protocol for school safety.”

Bill C.

School Board Member