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School Safety Training

Prepare and empower your staff and students with holistic school safety training.

Create Safer Learning Environments with Comprehensive Training

Your school requires a safe learning environment to build confidence and thrive. See how our foundational school safety education supports safer learning environments, ensuring your staff and students can focus on what matters most: learning.

Meeting basic safety needs is essential for staff and students. The ability to learn and teach are dependent on feeling safe. Our modern world requires us all to learn and master skills we never expected, including preventing, responding to and recovering from violent incidents. Thankfully, robust training programs across the safety spectrum can provide the education necessary while also meeting our needs for flexible and virtual engagement.

Improve Prevention with Behavioral Threat Assessment Training and Understanding Bullying

The ability to understand and identify concerning behaviors has the power to save lives. Our Behavioral Threat Assessment Training and Understanding Bullying curriculum help your staff improve violence prevention while empowering them to guide students on a safer path.

Enhance Violent Incident Preparedness and Response with ALICE Training®

Tactical response during a violent critical incident requires a sensible approach to training. Endorsed by schools and law enforcement across the country, ALICE Training® has become the nation’s most widely adopted methodology due to its age appropriate curriculum and proven strategies.

Ensure Safe and Healthy Recovery with Response and Recovery Training

The hours and days following an emergency or incident of violence at school are pivotal moments in the recovery process. Our 7-part Recovery course helps you recognize healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms and develop effective post-incident plans, specific to your school community.

Multiple Training Options To Enhance Understanding and Retention

Addressing the nuances of school safety training requires catering to various learning styles – across many different age and ability ranges. Our training catalogue provides you with several options to simplify delivery, support retention and improve adoption throughout your community.

Training options currently include:

  • Expert-led onsite training
  • On demand eLearning courses
  • Instructor certification
  • Live virtual seminars
On behalf of the entire school district – students, teachers, staff, administrators, board – I would like to express our deep appreciation to the folks from ALICE for helping us take the first big step in changing our protocol for school safety.
Bill C.

School Board Member

Navigate360 School Safety Training Curriculum Roadmap


Suicide Prevention


Programs to address the opioid crisis and nicotine vaping


Digital Civility

Harassment and Stalking

New technology for you to plan, prepare and practice

Train your school today to build safer tomorrows.

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