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Funding Options for School Safety Solutions

Grants and Funding Sources that Support Your School Safety Initiatives

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Financing new tools for your schools, staff and students is always a challenge. With many competing priorities and limited budgets, you cannot make every purchase that might improve your school operations.

Safety should not be sacrificed because of budget. Navigate360 has identified federal and state grants and funding sources that can offset the cost of bringing much-needed training, technology and tools to your schools to continue building a culture of safety.

Learn More About Your Funding Options: 


Infographic showing how Navigate360 solutions align with certain K12 funding sources.

Federal Resources for School Safety

School districts are allocated money through Federal Formula Funds that are awarded using formulas to determine allocations. Student enrollment, income data and more are calculated into these formulas. Federal funds are also distributed through competitive grants for which districts can apply, and they are awarded based on criteria that applying districts must meet.

Navigate360 has outlined vital school safety resources that offset allowable expenditures under several federal funding sources: 

COPS School Violence Prevention Program

The COPS School Violence Prevention Program is designed to provide funding to improve security at schools and on school grounds using evidence-based school safety programs.

Learn more about Navigate360’s school safety solutions that are aligned with the COPS School Violence Prevention Program.

STOP School Violence Grant

The Student, Teachers and Officers Preventing School Violence Act (or STOP School Violence Act) of 2018 outlines the following categories for school safety projects:

Learn more about Navigate360’s school safety and prevention solutions that are aligned with the STOP School Violence Grant.

State-Specific School Safety Funding & Programs

Many states make grants available to school districts for the enhancement of specific school safety initiatives. These state grants can be applied to staff training, new technology and more to ensure safer learning and teaching environments for students and staff.


Wrap Around Services Funding

Funding to assist schools and their community partners in the identification and management of student wellness needs.

Navigate360 offers a comprehensive suite of school safety eLearning modules that provide proven strategies, scalable training and expert tools to reduce risks and create safe learning environments for staff and students alike.

Train your staff to steer students toward a safer path with our Suicide Awareness and Prevention course, Vaping and Opioid Awareness course and Understanding Bullying course.

Learn more about the Navigate360 Training Institute for Schools.


Tennessee Safe Schools Act

The Safe Schools Act of 1998 provides Tennessee school districts with annual funding for school safety initiatives. Projects that qualify focus on helping schools decrease the likelihood of violence and enhance the safety of staff and students.

Navigate360 offers smart, integrated solutions to help you mitigate risks and prevent violence. Discover how you can leverage these tools to qualify for available funding as you create safer environments in which staff and students can thrive.

  • In-depth risk assessments conducted by ASIS Board-certified Physical Security Professionals
  • Comprehensive threat assessment team training
  • Efficient threat assessment case management technology
  • Emergency management software to digitize and execute your school safety plans

Learn more about how Navigate360 supports Tennessee school districts and the Safe Schools Act. 

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