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Suite360: Mental Health & Prevention

The most comprehensive mental health & prevention education program for students.
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Are you equipping your students with the life skills they need to be safe, successful and healthy?

Mental health & prevention education for students

Interactive and engaging lessons

Scaffolded lessons across grades K - 12

Suite360: Mental Health & Prevention offers lessons for students across grades K – 12 to help them learn how to care for their mental wellbeing and safety. Our program helps you keep your students safe and healthy mentally, physically and socially.

[Webinar] Supporting the Health & Wellbeing of Students Through Social-Emotional Learning

Learn the fundamentals of an effective SEL program, what schools are looking for in SEL, and how to implement a program that stands the test of time.
  • Understand the value SEL brings to your efforts to get students in learning mode
  • Gain insights into the return on investment of an effective SEL program
  • Learn how to help your staff and students manage the lasting effects of the pandemic, including a wide range of emotions, traumatic events and learning loss
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Suite360: Mental Health & Prevention Key Features

  • Leading mental health & prevention program for students
  • Expert-crafted, scaffolded lessons across grades K – 12
  • Pre- and post-tests for each lesson
  • Emphasis on how students can H.E.L.P. others
  • Teaches students to A.C.T. to care for themselves
  • Simple-to-use program with companion guides for educators and parents

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