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Silent Panic Alert Buttons

Comprehensive Layers of Modern Safety Protection for Schools & Workplaces

Create a holistic culture of safety and build confidence in your students, families, employees and the greater community by equipping your campus with Alyssa’s Law-compliant silent panic alert buttons.


Get to Know Silent Panic Alert Buttons

Overview and Benefits

Silent Panic Alert Buttons

In an emergency, time saved means lives saved. Provided in partnership with 911Cellular, our silent alert panic buttons enable your entire staff to connect instantly with first responders or security personnel as soon as they recognize a threat. These buttons can be downloaded to a cellphone or smartwatch, installed on a computer, or devices such as wearable or wall-mounted options can be used for seamless access anywhere on campus.

Silent Panic Alert Buttons

Immediately Connect to 911 Dispatch

  • Alyssa’s Law-compliant
  • Initiate a silent alert from your device’s locked screen to save time during an emergency
  • Live stream audio and video from enabled devices

Multiple Panic Alert Button Options to Meet Your Needs

  • Safety App Panic Button: Accessible from your portable device with direct connection to first responders utilizing NIST-tested location accuracy, which can locate the activation down to the floor and room number with additional mapping service.
  • Computer Panic Buttons: Easy installation on Windows, Chromebooks and Mac desktop and tablet devices.
  • Smartwatch Panic Button: Notify first responders while on the move during an emergency and provide accurate location information.
  • Wearable and Wall-Mounted Panic Buttons: Connect directly to Wi-Fi with no additional hardware required; battery supports up to 1,000 activations.
National Institute of Standards and Technology

National Institute of Standards and Technology Tested

The 911Cellular safety app has been independently tested by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Panic button location accuracy can locate a caller down to the floor and room number, even if they’re on the move (with additional mapping service).

Alyssa’s Law-Compliant

Named after 14-year-old Alyssa Alhadeff, a victim of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy, Alyssa’s Law requirements address the issue of emergency response time. Setting the new standard for modern incident management with Alyssa’s Law-compliant silent panic alert button solutions enables schools and workplaces to directly – and silently – alert first responders when faced with a safety concern or emergency situation.

For additional information about states that have brought forward the legislation as well as an update on where the federal guidance stands, please visit the Navigate360’s Alyssa’s Law page.

Complete Product Brochure

Navigate360 Panic Button Solution

Navigate360 understands that workplace safety is a top priority. To provide a safe and secure working environment, we’ve developed an industry-leading panic button solution that prioritizes employee safety with immediate access to first responders & building security personnel. Download the detailed brochure to learn about this complete solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers about Silent Panic Alert Buttons? Use this section to help you learn more.

Use our frequently asked questions to help you find the answers you need to help you determine if Silent Panic Alert Buttons is right for your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can Navigate360’s silent panic alert buttons supported by 911Cellular be used in schools and workplaces alike?
Yes, schools and workplaces can both benefit from the most modern and accurate silent panic alert technology on the market. Build confidence in your employees, families and community by providing accessibility options (safety app, computer, smartwatch, wearable and wall-mounted panic buttons) to meet the needs of both your employees and your building layout.
Are the silent panic alert buttons integrated with Navigate360’s Emergency Management Suite (EMS) for K-12 Schools?
Yes! In fact, users can set up emergency types (i.e., lockdown, fire). When an alert is initiated from any of the integrated panic buttons, notification is displayed within EMS so security, first responders and administration personnel are made aware of the alert immediately.
How does the silent panic alert button communicate with first responders?
Through 911Cellular Technologies’ Public Safety Cloud web application, initiated alerts are immediately routed to 911 dispatch/Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) so time is saved when seconds matter.

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Emergency Preparation for K12 Schools

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