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Safety & Security Assessments

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Safety & Security Analysis Services Establish a Foundation of Safety

Comprehensive risk assessments help you identify vulnerabilities, reduce risks and guide your long-term safety planning, creating a solid foundation of security for your organization.

Navigate360 Safety & Security Assessments are provided by our team of certified professional assessors, from the inside out and outside in. We conduct the entire process for your organization with you.

Risk Assessment

Leverage the expertise of an ASIS Board-certified Physical Security Professional (PSP) to uncover hidden threats to safety and security.  This comprehensive process identifies hazards, the impact of those hazards, and recommends protective measures – allowing you to know your weak spots and how to strengthen them. The skilled assessment across six critical areas ensures detailed review and recommendations so you can take meaningful action. A comprehensive report provides findings as well as recommendations for remediation.

Vulnerability Assessment

 Vulnerability Assessments are conducted after Navigate360’s comprehensive risk assessment or security audit identifies gaps in the security of an organization. After the facility has taken measures to address the vulnerabilities identified by the original assessment, a Navigate360 Assessor returns to the facility to test if the new security measures, training, and personnel updates have been effective at mitigating the identified vulnerability.

Security Audit

Security Audits identify security risks and current measures used to prevent and mitigate those risks. Less intensive, the Security Audit should be performed at intervals of a Risk Assessment.

Our Assessments will analyze six critical areas: 
  • Hazards and Threats
  • Emergency Operations Plans
  • Prevention Measures
  • Response and Training Programs
  • Technology and Infrastructure
  • Recovery Planning
Assessment Process:
  • Initial call and document request
  • Onsite walk through and analysis
  • Documented report

Recognized by AM Best as an Expert Service Provider in Security Consulting

AM Best Expert Service Provider for Security Risk Assessments

Our Certified Assessors

Comprehensive safety planning makes a difference between life and death in Violent Critical Incidents. Our assessors are certified security experts who not only assess and report, but offer you solutions as well. Navigate360’s Expert Assessment team includes ASIS Board Certified Physical Security Professionals (PSP). This certification is the highest in the field and our assessors must re-certify every three years to ensure they are up-to-date on all best practices.

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