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National Threat Assessment Center Training (NTAC) Level 1 & Level 2

The most widely adopted behavioral threat assessment training for teams.
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NTAC training provides the foundation for successful threat assessment programs to ensure an environment of safety, respect and support for students and staff.

Most widely used threat assessment training

Facilitates improved school environments

Constructive team training and alignment

Ensure your team is well-equipped to identify and provide assistance to students in distress before their problems escalate into violence.

Dr. Marisa Randazzo, Ph. D.

National Threat Assessment Expert

Developed & Delivered by Leading Threat Assessment Expert

Navigate360 is proud to partner with Dr. Randazzo, founder of the National Threat Assessment Center model and training creator. Dr. Randazzo lends breadth and depth to both our training and software solutions, helping organizations across the country improve student outcomes with proven strategies that reduce escalation events and keep students on a path to success.

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Improved School Environments


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early is paramount to averting violence.

Prepare your team with an aligned approach to keeping students off a path of violence with Navigate360’s NTAC team training.

Designed for today’s environment where time is a premium and flexibility is a must, this training program combines the best of both online and in-person education.

Most Widely Adopted Threat Assessment Training

  • Specific to school threat assessment team needs.
  • Delivered in collaboration with Dr. Marisa Randazzo
  • Blended learning delivery of the 8+-hour program (Level 1: 4-6 hour self-paced online course; Level 2: 4-hour team workshop).

Improved School Climate

  • Gather information and facts to assess the risk of violence to reduce escalation
  • Develop intervention and management strategies to support the student and prevent violence

Team Training & Alignment

  • Team members gain confidence in their ability to help students.
  • Strategic focus on aligning your team to work together effectively
  • Exercises to prepare teams to ensure students get the help they need
Behavioral Threat Assessment Teams
Behavioral Threat Assessment Teams

Navigate360’s NTAC Training Supports Successful Behavioral Threat Assessment Teams

  • Training blends individual and team-based learning to reinforce comprehension.
  • Level 1 training consists of individual eLearning; Level 2 training includes virtual team workshops.
  • Maximize learning retention and accountability while increasing collaboration across teams.

Build a Solid Behavioral Threat Assessment Team with Proven NTAC Training

Discover a proven approach to effective behavioral threat assessment training.

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