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Behavioral Threat Assessment Training

Behavioral Threat Assessment is a critical component of creating a culture of safety, respect and emotional support in schools. Student threat assessment is designed to help identify early indicators and intervene to keep students off of a path of violence and distress.

The training reviews the pathway to violence, identifying the stages individuals progress through from ideation to carrying out violent acts.

Threat Assessment Teams are essential. Examination of who should be included on a Threat Assessment Team along with a policy of what teams should investigate will be covered.

This training interactive training session uses the methodology of behavioral threat assessment. Tabletop exercises are used to illustrate the applications of the methodology and how to use it as part of your threat assessment team.

Training Agenda:

1. Background on the history of behavioral threat assessment
a. 2004 and 2018 US Secret Service Reports
2. Pathway to Violence
3. What threat assessment is/is not
4. Building teams and the threat assessment process
5. 11 Key Themes identified by the US Secret Service (with activity)
6. Walkthrough of the threat assessment software
7. Case study using the threat assessment software

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