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Maximize Your Remaining Budget by Improving Next Year’s School Safety Management System.

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The fiscal year is coming to an end, and with it comes the urgency of allocating remaining funds to avoid losing them. As state funding cuts will impact next year’s budget, now is the time to invest in key safety services. Don’t let a closing budget window minimize your chance to improve safety in your district.

Preserve your budget by investing in safety management services unlike any other. Whether your school needs one or a few singular services or a comprehensive safety package, you can cover the safety continuum conveniently provided by one expert provider. Only Navigate360 delivers this kind of value and it won’t stop when you sign up. We continue to innovate our lineup of safety education, technology and services to help your team prevent, prepare, respond and recover to emergency situations.

A Navigate360 expert can help you figure out solutions to fill your school’s safety gaps.

Existing Education, Technology & Services:

  • ALICE Training®
  • Behavioral Threat Assessment
  • Emergency Management Suite
  • Risk Assessments

Newly Released Education Programs:

  • Understanding Bullying
  • Trauma Response
Education Innovations in Development:

  • Suicide Prevention (summer 2020)
  • Addictions (fall 2020)
  • Digital Civility (winter 2020)
  • Harassment and Stalking (winter 2020)
  • Reunification (winter 2020)
Sign on before June 30 to lock in 2019-2020 rates for the 2020-2021 school year.

Navigate360 maximizes your investment with:

  • Instant access NOW to software –  even if your contract begins with the next school year
  • Apply additional discounts when you bundle services
  • Flexible billing helps meet your year-end deadlines

Save. Switch. Be safe.

So much of your operation will change this year as we work to redesign school days in light of the pandemic. Security must change, too, and now is the time to be ready with a comprehensive solution. Upgrade to a modern approach that gives you what you need, before you need it.

The Navigate360 has the holistic, technology-based solution that your school deserves. We’ll implement it on the schedule and budget that meets your needs, and our updated remote training process eliminates travel time and extra costs for lodging and substitute teachers. We bring our expertise and efficiency to you so you can focus on the needs of your students and staff.

Only Navigate360 delivers expert solutions with extra savings. Sign up by June 30 to achieve your safety goals and meet budget deadlines. Don’t forget – you’ll lock in 2019-2020 rates and get immediate access to services.

We’ll find the right programs for your unique goals and budget.

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