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Improving the Probability of Courage

Navigate360 strives for active shooter prevention, but we pioneered and innovated incident response. While protocols like ALICE Training are critically important, mindset is perhaps the largest factor in surviving a violent critical incident.
Fear is generally classified as an emotion. While panic is seen as a physical stress response, the two are connected. If they are combined, the experience is labeled extreme survival stress. This traumatic response is created by a combination of pre-existing conceptions and how startling the triggering event was. Thankfully, training can mitigate fear, and panic may be suppressed by situational awareness.

Connecting the Dots with Behavioral Threat Assessment & Suicide Case Manager

In recent years, we’ve seen a surge in tragedies across our schools and communities, highlighting the need for research-backed, evidenced-based behavioral threat assessment training. But what do we do after we’ve been trained? How do we operationalize a behavioral threat assessment methodology?

Incidents of violence and self-harm are on the rise across the nation, and an increasing number of states are requiring reports on the number and types of behavioral threat assessment cases. To ensure that students have the proper intervention and support after a threat has been identified, K-12 schools need a trusted, easy-to-implement, customizable solution for intervening before harm occurs and tracking cases to meet state reporting requirements.

Enhance School Safety with an Integrated Visitor & Volunteer Management System

Navigate360’s integrated Visitor & Volunteer Management System is the new standard in school safety!

School safety and security are of paramount concern for districts, schools and families. Each day, districts and schools must ensure that the safety and security of students and staff are not compromised by siloed systems, manual processes or technology failures. To achieve this critical level of safety, schools must have the most modern, robust and integrated Visitor & Volunteer Management System on the market.

Be Ready for Any Emergency

Districts and schools have a responsibility to students, staff and the community to develop emergency operation plans that ensure they are appropriately prepared for and can respond to & recover from critical incidents. Accomplishing this requires a modern, cloud-based Emergency Management Suite that can receive alert notifications, access procedures and respond to a situation, even while on the move.

The Consortium for School Networking – Annual Conference

Austin Marriott Downtown 304 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX, United States

Our learners and leaders have experienced a disruption over the last three years that continues to challenge our traditional educational system. As we are emerging into a new era of learning, wherein many schools have significantly increased their digital footprint, we as educational leaders need to Reimagine what schooling could be. We should Redesign education to ensure equitable learning for ALL children. And we should Renew our commitment to advancing digital learning. Let these Three “R’s” serve as our collective Call to Action!

Creating a Path to Wellness with SEL & PBIS

Students — and educators — are dealing with a lot these days, including living through a global pandemic that has led to learning loss and isolation and grappling with societal and economic uncertainties. Members of your school community who lack the social-emotional skills necessary to navigate these stressors can fall further behind and express signs of depression and anxiety. We need to focus on getting both staff and students back on a path to wellness by specifically addressing their social-emotional needs.

This session will help you learn more about improving academic performance, classroom behavior and teacher retention by creating a path to wellness.

Building a Successful PBIS Program with PBIS Rewards

A PBIS initiative can be a game changer for your school climate and culture. Establishing and curating a successful PBIS initiative can help every student within your buildings learn and grow academically, socially and emotionally. Join us on Thursday, March 23 as our product experts Brittany Kessler and Grace Myer go over the fundamentals of PBIS, demonstrate how you can use PBIS Rewards to build a solid PBIS framework and address your PBIS Rewards related questions.

Behavioral Intervention: Turn Discipline into Learning Opportunities

Disruptions in the classroom caused by student behavior are continuing to rise. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, many student behavior issues have increased since the pandemic, including a 56% increase in classroom disruption, a 48% increase in acts of disrespect and a 49% increase in rowdiness outside the classroom. The need for a comprehensive approach to social-emotional learning (SEL), mental health awareness and behavior intervention is more critical than ever before. Join our esteemed group of panelists on Tuesday, March 28, to discover how your schools can create a more positive and safer climate by turning discipline into learning opportunities for your students.

Innovative Schools Summit

Hilton Signia Bonnet Creek 14100 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane, Orlando, FL, United States

Join us for the Innovative Schools Summit Orlando on March 30 – April 2, 2023. Network with fellow educators and learn from nationally recognized speakers who share their experiences and proven strategies to help you succeed in the classroom and in your career.

Improve Safety Preparedness with Risk Assessments

Schools and workplaces are recognizing that a comprehensive approach to security and risk assessment must become the norm for preventing potential threats. Risk assessments provide a more strategic approach to safety and security. This empowers schools and industries to prescribe appropriate control measures, eliminating risk and establishing incident response plans that use resources more effectively and prevent threats.

Join us Tuesday, April 11 at 2:00 PM ET for this 60-minute webinar covering risk assessments and safety preparedness. You’ll learn from our board-certified subject matter expert and a Navigate360 customer as they share why risk assessments are a crucial component of a comprehensive approach to school and workplace safety & security.

Protect Students & Staff with Comprehensive Safety Plans & Drill Management

School safety is top of mind for district & school leaders and legislative representatives. Schools need to conduct trauma-informed drills that include reporting options for district and Department of Education compliance. To respond to the increasing demand for a more comprehensive and state-aligned safety plan, schools need an intuitive solution to manage these life-saving processes. 

In this 45-minute presentation, you will learn how our Emergency Management Suite simplifies critical incident workflows, strengthens whole-campus communication and supports drill management accountability & oversight.