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The Consortium for School Networking – Annual Conference

Austin Marriott Downtown 304 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin

Our learners and leaders have experienced a disruption over the last three years that continues to challenge our traditional educational system. As we are emerging into a new era of learning, wherein many schools have significantly increased their digital footprint, we as educational leaders need to Reimagine what schooling could be. We should Redesign education to ensure equitable learning for ALL children. And we should Renew our commitment to advancing digital learning. Let these Three “R’s” serve as our collective Call to Action!

Creating a Path to Wellness with SEL & PBIS

Students — and educators — are dealing with a lot these days, including living through a global pandemic that has led to learning loss and isolation and grappling with societal and economic uncertainties. Members of your school community who lack the social-emotional skills necessary to navigate these stressors can fall further behind and express signs of depression and anxiety. We need to focus on getting both staff and students back on a path to wellness by specifically addressing their social-emotional needs.

This session will help you learn more about improving academic performance, classroom behavior and teacher retention by creating a path to wellness.