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From active shooter situations to fires and exposure to hazardous materials, schools face many potential threats. Each threat requires a different level of engagement and preparation.  Identifying threats and creating procedures that ensure physical security will enable your school community to stay safe and thrive. 

Watch this informative session on identifying and preparing for threats in schools. Our school safety expert Joe HendrySenior Director of Onsite Services, will discuss: 

  • The different types of threats that can affect your students, staff, and community 
  • Why preparation should be peoplefocused 
  • The importance of planning and practicing for threats at each level of your organization
  • How Navigate360’s solutions can help your school prepare and protect students and staff from threats


Uncovering and Preparing for Threats in Schools

with Joe Hendry, PSP, CLEE


Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Category: Webinar