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Youth Violence Prevention Program Funding for Student Success

Youth Violence Prevention Program Funding

The issue of youth violence is a grave concern, as it creates harmful effects for both the victims and their communities, often for many years. To effectively prevent youth violence, it is crucial to address the various risk and protective factors that operate at different levels. Various funding programs and grants are available to address this critical need and help schools enhance their safety measures.

Every year, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Justice Programs (OJP), and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) seek applications for the Youth Violence Prevention Program (YVPP).

The program is focused on youth who are at risk of committing violence. Strategies funded through this program may work in coordination with community violence intervention (CVI) strategies that target youth at the highest risk of violence. This program furthers the DOJ’s mission by preventing youth violence and delinquent behavior.

The Goal

Nationwide, there’s heightened concern around acts of violence in schools. There have been 23 school shootings resulting in injuries or death so far this year (as of 6.15.23). Navigate360 data show alerts related to self-harm are up 51 percent year-over-year and alerts related to weapons and harm to others are up 25 percent year-over-year. On average, the report also found more than 4,000 anonymous tips per week come into school tip lines. The most common tips are related to self-harm and weapons.

To combat growing trends and increased concerns, Navigate360 is working with K-12 school districts across the country to create and maintain safe environments for their staff and students.

The goal of the Youth Violence Prevention Program is to prevent youth violence, particularly among- middle and high school age youth (ages 11–17). Through a holistic, layered and comprehensive approach, districts can support student safety from prevention to recovery.

Objectives of Youth Violence Prevention Program Funded Projects

Project sites should use funding to implement violence prevention strategies targeted toward middle and high school age youth who have multiple risk factors for violence.

The 3 specific objectives include: 

  1. Increase protective factors (conditions or attributes in individuals, families, and communities that promote the health and well-being of children and families) to prevent violence and delinquent behavior by youth.
  2. Implement data-driven, evidence-informed, and community-led approaches for addressing youth violence.
  3. Develop and enhance direct service programs for youth at risk of violence.

4 Ways Youth Violence Prevention Program Funding Can Be Utilized in Your District

YVPP funding can be instrumental in implementing comprehensive solutions. These solutions specifically target risk factors, enhance preventative measures, and effectively reduce violence within communities and schools. With support from trusted safety experts, these funds can help establish early identification of potential harm and referral systems, and foster collaboration among community organizations, service providers, and law enforcement to combat youth violence effectively. These funds can be used to:

  1. Implement services at home or in the community that address risk factors and promote protective factors to prevent violence and reduce community or school-based incidents.
  2. Develop or improve direct service programs for youth at risk of violence, including those involved in gangs or gang-related violence.
  3. Establish a system that identifies and refers at-risk youth for necessary services.
  4. Collaborate with community organizations, service providers, and law enforcement, either by leveraging existing partnerships or creating new ones.

Getting Prepared for OJJDP FY2024

Who Can Apply For Youth Violence Prevention Program Funding?

  • City or township governments
  • County governments
  • For-profit organizations other than small businesses
  • Independent school districts
  • Native American Tribal governments (Federally recognized)
  • Nonprofits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education
  • Nonprofits that do not have a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education
  • Private institutions of higher education
  • Public and State controlled institutions of higher education

How to Apply

You will be able to find the application for the OJJDP FY 2024 Youth Violence Prevention Program at the OJJDP’s Funding page.

  • OJP funding applicants have to meet two deadlines when submitting their applications: the deadline and the application deadline.
  • Applicants will submit the SF-424 and SF-LLL through and the FULL application, including attachments, in DOJ’s Justice Grants System (JustGrants). Register with as soon as possible as the registration process can take some time.
  • OJP urges applicants to submit applications at least 72 hours prior to the application due date. This allows time to receive validation messages or rejection notifications from,, or JustGrants. It also allows time to correct any problems that may have caused a rejection notification.
  • OJJDP strongly encourages all prospective applicants to sign up for email notifications regarding this solicitation. If this solicitation is modified, individuals who sign up with for updates will automatically be notified.

Information about the Youth Violence Prevention Program provided by the OJJPD.

Take Your Next Step with Navigate360

Building a comprehensive approach to student safety and wellness is a complex endeavor, and maximizing available funding can be overwhelming. We are here to help. We can provide end-to-end solutions that support your school’s safety, from prevention all the way through response and recovery.

Speak with one of our safety specialists today to learn how you can maximize these funding opportunities to build a holistic ecosystem of whole-child safety this year.

Your Guide to School Safety Funding & Grants

Schools and districts face numerous challenges when it comes to student safety, but securing funding to implement safety and wellness programs should not be one of them.

Navigating the realm of school safety funding might feel overwhelming, given the array of options available. This guide simplifies the process by providing expert tips and proven practices. Uncover suitable funding opportunities for your district and master the application process with ease.

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