Equip your threat assessment teams with the tools needed to move students off a path of violence. FIND OUT HOW

Emergency Management Suite

Emergency Management Suite

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SUITE Keep Safe with Simplified Emergency Preparedness, Response & Compliance  Keep students and staff safe during drills and on-campus incidents through reunification and recovery. Compliance and preparation: Before an emergency Know...
Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Visitor Management Keep Your Front Office Staff in Control and Efficient Enable school staff to welcome your community in with a quick and easy digital process while seamlessly keeping people of concern out. Increase security Reduce front office workload...
ALICE Active Shooter Response Training

ALICE Active Shooter Response Training

ALICE Active Shooter Response Training Be Prepared to Respond to Emergencies ALICE Training®, is the original civilian active shooter response training program that empowers students and staff to survive in the face of violence. Leverage our 20 years of experience to...

Navigate360 Training Institute for Schools

Navigate360 Training Institute Create a safer and more successful learning environment for staff and students with the Navigate360 Training Institute for Schools. Get Started Ensure your entire school is prepared and ready to respond to critical incidents with...

School Risk Assessment

School Risk Assessment The most comprehensive way to identify areas of risk and maintain compliance. Get Started The first step in helping schools mitigate risk, maintain compliance and create a safer place to learn and work.  Expert ASIS PSP-certified assessor team...

Site Mapping

Interactive Floor Plans Our onsite interactive floor plans service starts with us gathering the latest version of your organization’s floor plan – with all renovations and construction projects incorporated. We import these floor plans into our Emergency...

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment The most comprehensive way to identify areas of risk and reduce organizational down time. Get Started Identify areas of risk, maintain compliance and reduce organizational down time.  Expert ASIS PSP-certified assessment team ~ Protect...

Security Audit

School Security Audit The first step in evaluating your school's security in an abbreviated, budget-friendly view. Get Started Understand the consequences and vulnerabilities of your school’s security features and procedures.  Identify gaps in school...
EMS Risk Assessment

Planning Before an Emergency

EMS Safety Plans

  • Use our one-of-a-kind Safety Plan Wizard to create or update EOPs easily
  • Customize a compliant plan based on State requirements and templates
  • Edit and include Continuity of Operations Plans
  • Access the plan anywhere from a secure, cloud-based environment

EMS Risk Assessment

Quickly Complete Safety Audits

EMS Assess

  • Fulfill state requirements by creating and completing school safety audits
  • Never miss a filing for safety audits
  • Don’t have time? Let our experts augment your staff

EMS Risk Assessment

Efficiently Schedule & Manage Safety Drills

EMS Drill Logs

  • Prepare your staff to respond effectively in an emergency with guided drill scenarios
  • Editable to include your Standard Response Protocols (SRP) into your drills
  • Stay complaint with district and building level tracking, scheduling, and reporting
  • Easy access to drill management on mobile devices

EMS Risk Assessment

Ensure Staff Has the Information They Need When They Need It

EMS Call Lists

  • Manage critical emergency contact information
  • Accessible in real-time during an emergency
  • Always up to date

EMS Risk Assessment

Improve Emergency Response with Interactive Floorplans

Maps & Floorplans

  • Get help where it is needed first with critical visibility for first responders
  • Access customized floorplans during an emergency with critical infrastructure documented
  • Digital access to detailed floorplans in the palm of your hand

EMS Risk Assessment

Make Emergency Protocols Actionable

EMS Flipcharts

  • Staff can quickly access the most up-to-date emergency protocols during an emergency
  • Easily update and disseminate emergency procedures, information and contacts digitally
  • Mobile access, even without Internet connection
  • Save money with no printing costs for emergency plans and protocols

EMS Risk Assessment

Create a Single Source of Truth for Safety

EMS Documents &Virtual Binders

  • Easily build, organize, and store safety information
  • Ensure the entire district has access automatically with no need for additional communications
  • Digital and quick access during an emergency

EMS Risk Assessment

Real-time Alerts, Communication & Accountability

EMS Respond

  • Alert and communicate crucial information during emergencies
  • Quickly account for students and staff
  • Easily access up to date roster information with automated sync with SIS

EMS Risk Assessment

Reunite Students & Parents with Speed & Compassion

EMS Reunification

  • Bring together students with their loved ones during an emergency
  • Monitor parent/student reunification progress with the administrator command view
  • Access student guardian information with daily SIS syncs
  • Follow Standard Reunification Method (SRM) protocols