Equip your threat assessment teams with the tools needed to move students off a path of violence. FIND OUT HOW

Because a Student’s Name Matters…A Lot!

What’s in a Name?

Imagine you’re a school principal (some of you don’t have to use much imagination!). A fire alarm was initiated in your building. The Respond app on your smart phone shows your entire staff has taken attendance on their mobile devices, but there are two students unaccounted for. How helpful would it be to know exactly which two students are missing?

When Seconds Count

Knowing who is missing can help direct first responders more effectively, making a dramatic difference in outcomes. [Tweet this!] The Respond app syncs with a school’s Student Information System (SIS) to give staff immediate access to current classroom and building rosters.

Personnel can reference the total number of students enrolled in the school, the total number of students in each class, specific class rosters for individual classes and a breakdown of how many students are unaccounted for, by name, within the building as well as within each class.

The app also features a fast and highly secure alert communication system designed to quickly and easily send messages to staff during an emergency. Alerts can be sent from administrators to specific individuals or to the entire school staff.

Peace of Mind…Yes, Please.

Easy to use and synched to your school’s SIS gives staff and adminstrators the confidence to know they have a powerful safety tool in their hands. Confidence, in turn, provides peace of mind and we could all use a piece of that.


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