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NaviGate Mobile App Gets Real-Time for School Safety Drills

NaviGate Respond is designed to quickly help ensure students are accounted for, by name, during an emergency or drill. Among other benefits, it features a user-friendly dashboard that provides personnel the ability to instantly view building and class roster information that is synced with your Student Information System (SIS). Read more about the benefits of NaviGate Respond in this recent blog post.

For a quick refresher on what NaviGate Respond is all about, check out our brief video:

Additionally, since the launch of NaviGate Respond, we have been noting some of the more frequent questions our customers are asking. Read on to get answers you may have been seeking.

When will we be able to incorporate NaviGate Respond into our safety training drills?

As soon as your SIS has been synced to NaviGate Prepared, you will be able to incorporate NaviGate Respond into your safety training drills. Typically, this syncing process takes approximately 1 week to complete, but can be done in as soon as 24 hours.

How much battery will NaviGate Respond require of my mobile device?

Battery usage will depend on how old the device is, how long the safety drill will take, or how long NaviGate Respond is being used for a particular drill or emergency.

Can we give substitute teachers and classroom aides NaviGate Respond?

Yes, substitute teachers and classroom aides can be added as”mobile app users” within your NaviGate Prepared system for the NaviGate Respond app.

Will first responders have access to NaviGate Respond?

First responders will not have access to NaviGate Respond unless you decide you would like to add them as a”mobile app user.” If you would like to do so, you will need to instruct them on how to download and use the app. Typically, school administrators and staff members are the only parties who need to access NaviGate Respond because they are using the app to account for their students during a drill or emergency. First responders don’t necessarily need the app, as they will be relying on school personnel to provide them with updates as needed for students who may be unaccounted for.

Can you use NaviGate Respond on a computer?

No, NaviGate Respond is only intended to be used as a mobile app. You can view historical information regarding completed alarms on a computer through your NaviGate Prepared site, but you are not able to utilize the app’s features on a computer.

Are teachers/staff able to set off an alarm in NaviGate Respond? Send secure messages?

Teachers and staff members do have the ability to initiate an alarm and send secure text messages to administrative users. However, teachers and staff do not have the capability to end an alarm or send group text messages. Only administrative users have those full capabilities.

Ready to see it action? Request a demo today and see how NaviGate Respond can provide you with the most critical information during a drill or emergency…a name!

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