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Drill Scenarios Are A Powerful Tool At Your Fingertips

We feel passionate about the importance of practicing your drills with realistic scenarios to better prepare your staff and students in the event of an emergency. That’s why we partnered with Safe Havens International and created Drill Scenarios, powerful safety tools that contain realistic, real-world scenarios to enhance your drills. Implementing these simulated Drill Scenarios into your drills, increases staff and student engagement, encourages out of the box resolution thinking and can uncover any weak areas in your school safety plan. Text and audio versions of these Drill Scenarios are available here at no cost so that you can easily begin implementing these safety tools into your safety drills. Learn about other drill tips to help improve school safety.

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We’ve made it even easier for you to access Drill Scenarios. Simply log into your account, click on the Drill Logs Module, click on Drill Scenarios and begin exploring so that you can begin incorporating scenarios into your drills today!

Getting Started

Visit the -Help Section’ and simply click the”Learn More” button in the Drill Logs Module for more information on how to access Drill Scenarios.

Getting the Most out of Your Drills with Scenarios

Assess the fidelity of your safety plan.

Drills help you determine whether the procedures in your safety plan will work in an actual emergency. It could be something as simple as vocabulary.

One district in Arizona learned their high school used different terms for drills than their middle school. Incoming freshmen were confused and unsure how to respond.

Allow for staff and students to practice emergency procedures.

The likelihood of the principal encountering a fire in the bathroom or a medical emergency in a classroom is slim. Having staff pull the fire alarm, call 9-1-1, and alert the building is an effective way to get them engaged in the drill and, more importantly, prepared to respond.

Increase overall staff engagement.

Providing a staff member with a scenario, such as,”There are smoke and flames coming from the ceiling tiles in your classroom. What would you do?”, puts the drill in context and gives staff a very real situation to respond to.

“The ability to remain calm and respond effectively in an emergency makes all the difference -and that can only come from knowledge, practice and preparation.”

~Thom Jones, General Manager

Read more in this recent white paper, “Improving School Safety with Enhanced Drills.”

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