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Information is the first step in building a culture of safety.

A Call for a Reboot

It’s time to teach our children more about the importance of open-mindedness, equality and inclusion. Here’s how we at Navigate360 are striving to help. One of my closest friends, Jonnel, is a Black woman. I’m not. Our children have grown up together, as close as many...

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The Next Generation of Student Safety

Students spend at least the same amount of time at school as they do at home. As such, ensuring safe learning environments in which they can grow and thrive is critical to their ongoing wellbeing and success. Recent years have seen an increase in awareness, training...

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Tackling Teen Angst

Today’s teenagers are experiencing anxiety, uncertainty and depression at truly alarming rates. What can we do to help them? Many of this nation’s teens are experiencing overwhelming depression and anxiety in light of the ongoing pandemic and related stressors...

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School Safety Management System & Plan

Why Navigate360 Emergency Management Suite Emergencies can strike any day, any time. Drills and other preparation helps, but without a proactive technology and systematic approach to safety management, your staff is left with disjointed plans that may not work as...

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Visitor Management System – Advantages & More

Visitor Management for Your School In a year when many schools have prohibited some visitors from entering their facilities, you may wonder if a visitor management system is even necessary. A modern visitor management system for schools extends well beyond regular...

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Welcoming New Leaders

We’re excited to announce new additions to the Navigate360 senior management team Navigate360 is proud to announce the addition of 3 new leaders to our executive team. Bill Reynolds, Alex Teodosio and Eric Rohy will join forces with our other senior managers to move...

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