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Don’t Be Sacred…Be Prepared! For ALICE Certified Instructor Training

ALICE Certified Instructor (ACI) Training Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your commitment to safety and for signing up for ALICE Certified Instructor (ACI) training. ALICE is the original civilian active shooter response training program and a solution of Navigate360.

ACI Training Frequently Asked Questions

Navigate360’s mission is to create safe spaces that save lives. ALICE is critical to achieving this goal. The learnings from ALICE’s trauma-informed, age- and ability-appropriate training are valuable beyond the walls of any organization. They are necessary life skills that can make all the difference in the critical moments between when an incident begins, and help arrives.

We want you to feel prepared for your upcoming training and reduce any anxiety you may have. Please review the FAQs below to prepare!

What do I need to do before the training to prepare?

Please complete the “ALICE Introduction for Instructors” course prior to the first day of training. This is the required eLearning prerequisite and provides you with a foundational understanding for the onsite training.  This course will take approximately one hour to complete.

What can I expect from this training?

Our approach includes presentations, demonstrations, drills or scenarios and a teach back activity. You will receive an ALICE Certified Instructor (ACI) training packet upon arrival to help guide you. Scenarios and demonstrations include loud noises and physical activity. Stress balls and other props will be used, including soft foam projectiles and air horns. To learn more, visit for additional details.

What will be covered in the training?

Your instructor will go over the ALICE acronym and what each part means: A – Alert, I – Inform, L – Lockdown, E – Evacuate and C – Counter. A sample agenda is listed below. We focus on empowering individuals to prepare for and respond to acts of violence, anywhere and at any time. Our training teaches valuable life skills, such as situational awareness.To learn more and for additional resources, please visit the ALICE Training Page from Navigate360.

ACI Training – Day 1 & 2 Training Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction to Instructor & History of ALICE
  • Trauma Informed Training & ALICE Program Review
  • Lunch Break (approximately 1 hour)
  • Scenarios
  • Group Projects
  • Review of Day & Overview of Day 2

Day 2

  • Review of Day 1
  • Teach Back Sessions 1 & 2
  • Lunch Break (approximately 1 hour)
  • Teach Back Session 3
  • Demonstrations
  • Critical Thinking Drill Cards
  • Instructor Resources

Additional ACI Training Frequently Asked Questions

Who attends ACI Training?

The typical participants in ACI Training are law enforcement officers, educators, commercial safety officers, House of Worship leaders and others. It is a mixed group. If you aren’t registered for a class already, please visit our available classes page.

Why is ALICE Training® important?

ALICE teaches a proactive options-based approach. Time is a factor during a violent critical incident. When people are proactive, they can increase survivability by recognizing signs of danger and reacting more quickly. Our training empowers you to respond with confidence during a violent situation.

What if I need to opt-out of training?

We recognize that for some people, safety training can be a traumatic experience. We strongly encourage you to speak with your trainer to ease any anxieties or fears you may have. ALICE uses a trauma-informed approach, but it’s important to take a break if you need to. If at any time you feel the need to opt-out or need additional options, please talk to your trainer.

What is a trauma-informed approach?

ALICE uses a trauma-informed and age- and ability-appropriate approach, meaning we provide curriculum that meets the diverse cognitive, behavioral and developmental needs of all individuals. We understand that trauma happens, and we are focused on creating ways for everyone to be able to participate in important safety training. We are intentional with how we talk to participants, the language & images we use and we utilize prepare & de-stress methods.

What time does it start and end?

The training is from 8:00am-5:00pm both days. Please expect two full days of training, with breaks scattered throughout.

What should I wear?

We will be conducting scenarios and demonstrations that require physical movement. Please dress comfortably and wear comfortable shoes. Heels, dresses and skirts are not recommended, as you may be required to be down on the floor, and you may need to run around.

Will food and beverages be provided? How long is the lunch break?

Light snacks and drinks are typically available in the morning. Please feel free to bring additional snacks and drinks. The lunch break both days will be 1 hour. Please be back on time so the training can resume as scheduled.

What do I need to bring?

You can bring a device such as a computer or iPad, a writing utensil and paper to take notes and snacks & drinks. Law enforcement officers will be required to secure their weapons during portions of the training. Non law enforcement participants are NOT allowed to bring weapons to the training, even if you have a license to carry.

What happens after ACI Training?

Following ACI training you must complete the post-test. Upon passing the post test, you become an ALICE Certified Instructor(ACI) and can begin training others in your organization, per the guidelines outlined in the agreement. You will receive an email after training with a slide deck, a certificate and a feedback survey.

What if I need more help after training?

For questions about ALICE, please reach out to [email protected]. You can also join our ACI Facebook group (called ALICE Certified Instructors) and join our monthly “Ask Me Anything” webinar with ALICE Director of Training George Hunter. These are great resources to connect with experts and other ACIs to get questions answered and share best practices.

ACI Training Checklist


  • Complete the “ALICE Introduction for Instructors” eLearning course prior to training.
  • Bring something to write with or take notes – computer, iPad, pen and paper, etc.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Bring snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Speak with your trainer to ease any anxieties or fears you may have and let your trainer know if you need a break or a different activity.


  • Don’t wait too long! The course takes approximately 1 hour to complete
  • If you are not law enforcement, do not bring a firearm or any weapons to ALICE Training, even if you have a license to carry. Law enforcement will be required to secure their weapons during portions of the training.
  • Don’t wear heels, oxfords/loafers, dresses, skirts, etc.
  • Don’t hesitate to speak up!