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Gordon Graham

Gordon Graham

Gordon has combined his extensive experience as a motorcycle police officer and law enforcement supervisor and manager with his expertise in risk management to co-found Lexipol, a company designed to standardize public safety operations nationally. Public safety personnel in all 50 states currently use Lexipol products and services. 

Gordon is a practicing attorney who has presented a commonsense approach to risk management to hundreds of thousands of public safety professionals around the world. He was the first recipient of the California Governor’s Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement Training in 1995, and he received the Presidential Award for Excellence from the International Association of Fire Chiefs in 2005. He continues to speak to and advise high-risk organizations internationally. 

Gordon spends considerable time reading, writing and thinking about how to make things better in our world by understanding the value of “real” risk management. He also enjoys spending time on the Pacific Ocean in his vintage wooden boat and is always on the hunt for great restaurants. He and his wife make their home on the West Coast and are the proud parents of two adult children. 

Gordon holds a master’s degree in safety and systems management from the University of Southern California and a Juris Doctorate from Western State University. Learn more about his work at