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Eric Rohy

Eric is passionate about creating products and services that solve needs for communities. He has spent more than 15 years with education technology companies, preceded by almost 10 years in companies providing technologies to Fortune 500 organizations. His focus is to build great teams that create amazing solutions with unparalleled user experiences.

Prior to joining Navigate360, Eric served as chief product officer at FastBridge Learning, an innovative K-12 assessment and instruction firm that originated from research at the University of Minnesota. He also served as chief services officer at Questar Assessment, a summative assessment provider that brought new approaches to state-level assessments. Before Questar, Eric was the vice president of product management at eInstruction and the vice president of product management and marketing at Scantron. In each role, he has been responsible for product and services strategy, helping drive substantial growth at each organization.

Per Eric, “In 1979, a school shooting took place at an elementary school in San Diego, California, which is believed to be the first mass public school shooting.  This event shook me, not only because of its senseless violence and loss of life, but because it occurred five minutes away from my home.  That vivid memory drives me to fulfill the mission of Navigate360, helping to provide a safe and secure environment for students, supporting their emotional as well as their academic growth.”

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